What is HDMI Splitter? How Does HDMI Splitter Work?

The HDMI splitter allows us to transmit the audio and visual from one HDMI source-In Case If the Size of cables is like mini and micro HDMI. This can be helpful If we want to connect our Television to an external sound system, but your device doesn’t support HDMI ARC or eARC. It Can Be helpful when we want to display any content or video from a single source to multiple TVs.

HDMI splitters take a signal in from one device and then send the exact same signal out to multiple displays. Since HDMI is capable of digital handshaking, the splitter can read and match the signal that each display device is expecting.

An HDMI splitter takes a signal from a single source and divides it into two similar sources. HDMI Splitters can be simply used for dividing the signal and adding some additional power to the divided signals to pay back for the loss of dividing a signal in half. Passive HDMI splitters are mostly enough for applications. However, if you own a long cable set, you should use an HDMI splitter.

You must have some questions about HDMI splitters. Sometimes, similar technology, the HDMI switch, is confused for the HDMI splitter. The HDMI Splitter Divides a single Source into multiple outputs.

On the other hand, the HDMI switch is used for transmitting multiple sources to a single output. [most of the receivers react like HDMI switches]. Thus an HDMI splitter will transmit to multiple sources while an HDMI switch is Can Only Transmit To one.

How Does an HDMI Splitter Work?

An HDMI splitter is an easy-to-use device. Almost every HDMI Splitter will have a single input of HDMI signal and output for multiple HDMI outputs.

When you want to connect more than one device to a TV, you need cables. Passive and active HDMI splitters work differently, but the formula is the same.

The HDMI cable has 19 pairs of wires that are the same number of pins in the HDMI plug. Every wire transmits different data electronically through digital signals. This involves the audio and visual data and the information about that particular device and the order found on the remote control.

An HDMI splitter is a device that splits each of the pairs of wires in a way that you have two or more sets of these 19 pairs of wires.

Passive HDMI splitters are the long and short of it. Active HDMI Splitter, There is another step. One of the disadvantages of dividing an HDMI Signal is that you scientifically cut the power of every output signal. For this cause, you will not find a passive HDMI splitter with more than two outputs.

To pay back the loss of power, active HDMI splitters add power to the HDMI signal, By An external power source to power up the signal. This original signal is passed through Transistor. Its main work is to restrict the wall of the power source as the signal moves through it. You can also Say That it works as a megaphone but for electricity.

When Would You Use An HDMI Splitter?

There is a lot of scenarios in which an HDMI Splitter becomes handy. The most common scenario/uses for an HDMI splitter is When You Have Different audio and video devices or when you want to show your display to multiple devices. The Selected Application Decides Whether You Need an active or passive HDMI splitter.

Passive HDMI Splitter

For most basic users, HDMI will be contained to a TV, Console, or similar stuff. A passive HDMI Splitter (on Amazon) should be enough. As long as the signal is changed by interference, it must come through with no noticeable differences.

Monoprice Blackbird 4K 1x2 HDMI Pigtail Splitter -Black | 4K @ 30Hz, HDCP Compliant, Gold Plated...
  • 10. 2Gbps bandwidth; supports [email protected] and [email protected] resolutions; supports 3D video
  • Supports 16: 10 computer resolutions up to 1920x1200p
  • Supports all high speed HDMI features, including 36-bit Deep Color and high-definition multichannel uncompressed audio
  • HDMI bus powered - requires no external power; HDCP compliant; Gold plated connectors
  • Quality at a fair price: Monoprice rugged design and rigid quality control standards deliver high quality products at fair prices

An HDMI Splitter Will be a perfect device for you, in case of a single source output to an audio and visual output. A way more preferable way is to connect the device through the HDMI ARC or eARC.This will require an HDMI ARC or e ARC on both your audio and display device. This will be marked as such next to the port.

You will have to connect the external source to the display device or audio device in a different channel to set up. It’s a good idea to use the device to the HDMI ports as a central device; after that, connect the display and audio device in the HDMI ARC or eARC ports.

 Check the device manuals to enable on each device if you own HDMI ARC instead of HDMI eARC, and Setup will be auto-completed if you have HDMI eARC on All of the devices.

You will Have the advantage of using HDMI ARC or eARC on an HDMI splitter. It allows you to get CEC or Consumer Electronic Control. This means you will have control across all of your devices through your device’s remote. It also syncs your devices to have the master volume to all.

Active HDMI Splitters

If you are doing wire runs or outputting to two or more destinations, then you will definitely need an active HDMI splitter (on Amazon).

We know that if we divide any electronic signal, the resulting signal will be weaker than the original signal. Dividing the signal twice will make them too weak. So, A weakened signal may be harmful to interference over lengthy cable runs.

The active HDMI splitter will allow you to divide the source of the HDMI signal without any noticeable loss in SI or signal integrity. This will allow for an HDMI signal to be divided various times, with some splitters having as many as eight outputs. It also helps you to pick up less radio frequency interference.

Does an HDMI Spitter Degrade The Audio or Picture Quality?

As previously mentioned, a passive splitter will scientifically mean a cut in signal strength. But, for the majority of the users where You are likely using short wires/cables, this should not matter that much. The main reasons lie in how digital audio and video signals work compared to the analog counterparts of theirs.

An analog signal takes a media source and converts it into an electric signal which directly acts for that source.

With audio, for example, the signal’s voltage straightly translates to how far away the speaker cone is pushed from its relaxing point, and the changes in the voltage create the movement of the speaker cone. Its means the more voltage equals to louder sound.

The video is a little bit complex, But the basic principle is the same. You will have an idea of what will be displayed by looking at the voltage pattern.

This is not the case with the digital signals; overall, if you break or weaken the power of an analog signal, there will be a weakening output result. The sound may get quieter than usual, and the color of the picture may get some issues.

How HDMI Reduces Signal Loss

This is not the case in the digital signal. Unlike the analog signal, which communicates through the frequency of electric pulses and their voltage. High and low are the only states in the digital signal.

Unlike the analog signal, The data is converted before being sent through the cable and decoded at another end. The figure of this signal depends not only on the data being sent but also on the encrypted protocol between the two devices.

So this means you are not able to tell immediately what is happening to the audio or visual information by looking at the electric pulse pattern.

Cause the digital signal only depends on the frequency, not the voltage; reduced power does not mean distracting audio or color-shifted picture. That’s why you should not worry about using a passive HDMI splitter for shorter cable runs.

Use HDMI Splitter On Fire TV Stick

In Longer runs, this may result in radio interference. The decrease the sound further makes radio frequency sound take over the signal; you will see red and green dots, choppy or crackly audio if you have this problem.

Using longer cable runs for an active HDMI splitter may solve this problem. However, If the problem continues, you may have to upgrade your HDMI cable, which one is better shielded; a shielded cable has an extra layer of a substance that deflects radio waves.

When using a piece of older equipment, you may find fewer HDMI ports than you need, but now that you have an HDMI splitter, you should not worry anymore.

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Best Seller List of HDMI Splitters:

SaleBestseller No. 1
HDMI Switch,GANA 3 Port 4K HDMI Switch 3x1 Switch Splitter with Pigtail Cable Supports Full HD 4K...
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HDMI Switch,GANA 3 Port 4K HDMI Switch 3x1 Switch Splitter with Pigtail Cable Supports Full HD 4K...
  • Smart Manual Operation Switch- has the key-press-switching function
  • 3-Port HDMI Switch - 3 HDMI ports in and 1 out for various HDMI devices, such as Xbox 360, PS3, Beamer, DVB Receivers, Blu-ray Player, Apple TV, Laptop, HDTV/HD Monitor.
  • HDTV 4K (3840x2160P) / 30Hz resolution, HDMI 1.4 Compatible, 3D display supported.
  • One Fixed 1.8ft HDMI Cable (pigtail) provided, plug and play, NOTE: for only some devices, when their HDMI port can not provide sufficient power for this switch to work. You need to connect at least two source devices to the input ports.
  • HD Audio and HDCP Compliant- Audio Formats: LPCM, DOLBY AC3,DTS7.1,Direct Stream Digital. No distortion of audio or video, no delay in signal transference
SaleBestseller No. 2
avedio links HDMI Splitter 1 in 2 Out, 4K HDMI Splitter for Dual Monitors Duplicate/Mirror Only, 1x2...
  • 1x2 HDMI SPLITTRE DUPLICATE/MIRROR ONLY - Powered HDMI Splitter can distribute one HDMI input signal to two HDMI displays, transmit video and audio simultaneously, no loss, no lag (NOTE: just Duplicate/Mirror screens, 🔥Not Extend)(the unit does comes with a USB-micro USB cable, But does not come with a 110v power source)
  • PORTABLE - 4K HDMI Splitter 1 in 2 out, size: 2.5x2.1x0.5 inches/ 6.3X5.3X1.2 cm ( L X W X H ), easy to use and carry, travel friendly. USB cable included(it needs to be powered via usb), no need external driver, safety and Eco-friendly (Seller recommend 25ft long hdmi cable(max))
  • 4K ULTRA HD RESOLUTION - HDMI Splitter for dual monitor support 4K, 3840x2160p, 3D, and [email protected]/ [email protected]/ [email protected]/ [email protected]/ [email protected]/ 60Hz/ [email protected]/60Hz/ [email protected]/60Hz/ 1080P 24Hz 3D/720 60Hz /[email protected] [For 4K resolution, the frequency can't above 30Hz].NOTE:Not Compatible With HDCP2.2.
  • SUPPORT - 4K HDMI Splitter one input to two outputs support HDMI v1.3/1.4, HDCP compliant ( version 1.2). Support deep color 30 bit/36 bit. Support audio format: DTS-HD/Dobly-true HD/LPCM7.1/DTS/Dobly-AC3/DSD/HD(HBR)
  • PACKAGE INCLUDED - 1 * [ 1 in 2 out HDMI Splitter], 1 * [USB cable(usb power adapter not included,Please plug the usb into a wall outlet,not a cable box etc...)],1*High Speed HDMI Cable.
Bestseller No. 3
HDMI Splitter Adapter Cable - HDMI Splitter 1 in 2 Out HDMI Male to Dual HDMI Female 1 to 2 Way for...
  • ♥Function: This product can operate as a signal router,you may have a TV in two separate rooms,you can have a TV on in one room and when you want to switch room and keep watching the TV,you just need to switch one TV off and switch the other TV on,and then the signal is routed to the TV in the other room.
  • ♥ Ideal for connecting one HDMI compatible device (Such as, hd - dvd, blue - ray dvd, Xbox, xbox360, ps3, stb, notebook, HD TV )to two visual output devises (such as, HDTV, Monitor, etc.).
  • ♥ Allow to connect HDMI devices that have Build-in HDMI ports, like HDTV, PlayStation 3, Upconvertor DVD Player, LCD Monitor and projectors.
  • ♥Gold_plated connectors for better signal transfer.Allow to connect HDMI devices that have Build-in HDMI ports, like HDTV, PlayStation 3, Upconvertor DVD Player, LCD Monitor and projectors.hdmi splitter 1 in 2 out 4k hdmi splitter
  • ♥Package Include: 1 x HDMI Male to 2 HDMI Female 1 in 2 out Splitter Cable ; Length: 11.8 inch (30 cm); Weight: 52.00g.- ONLY 1 output device should be active at any time UNLESS both TVs are of the same size,then both TV will show the images when connected.
SaleBestseller No. 4
Fosmon 3-Port HDMI Switch 4K, 3x1 Switcher (Automatic Switching) Support Ultra HD 3D HDR Full HD...
  • [LATEST HDMI STANDARDS] [email protected], [email protected], 3D, Deep Color, HDCP pass-through, uncompressed and compressed audio formats are all supported.
  • [CONNECT UP TO 3 DIFFERENT HDMI DEVICES] Fosmon's 3x1 HDMI Switch allows you to connect up to 3 different HDMI input devices to your TV, monitor, or projector.
  • [AUTOMATIC INPUT SWITCHING] Fosmon's HDMI switch is designed to intelligently switch between input devices automatically when they are powered on and off. Up to 3 input devices may be connected.
  • [COMPATIBLE DEVICES] Suitable for use with computers, decoders / smart boxes, PS3 / PS4, Xbox One, Roku / Fire Stick, Apple TV and LCD TVs, LCD screens, projectors and audio / video receivers.
SaleBestseller No. 5
SANOXY HDMI 1x2 3D Splitter v1.3 HDCP 2 Ports switcher
  • HDMI 1.3
  • 1 HDMI input to 2 HDMI outputs
  • Supports Blu-Ray, PS3, Xbox, HD-DVD, HD-DVR
  • Supports ALL HDMI resolutions up to 1080p
  • Comes with Power Adapter
Bestseller No. 6
gofanco 1x8 HDMI Extender Splitter Over IP CAT5e/CAT6 – Up to 395ft (120m) - IR Control Extension,...
  • ✔ HDMI EXTENDER SPLITTER BALUN KIT – Includes 1 Transmitter and 8 Receivers. Extend and distribute 1 HDMI source to 4 HDMI displays over CAT5e/6/7 up to 394ft simultaneously. *Important Note*: HDbitT8Pv2 (this kit, version 2.0) is not backward compatible with the previous version and its receivers (RX). If you live in an area with thunderstorms, plug this product's power adapter into a surge protector power strip to protect your device from voltage spikes
  • ✔ HDMI OVER NETWORK DISTRIBUTION – Direct connection from Transmitter to Receivers or through IP network via 1) Unmanaged/Dedicated Gigabit switches, 2) Smart Gigabit switches with VLAN to segregate video traffic from the rest of the LAN. Connect up to 30 Receivers per Transmitter. Additional Receivers (HDbitTv2-RX) are sold separately. Note that each VLAN can only accommodate 1 transmitter (TX). *Note: Home routers are not recommended
  • ✔ LOW BANDWIDTH HDMI OVER ETHERNET – Supports up to 1080p; including 408i/480p @60Hz, 576i/576p @50Hz, 720p @50/60Hz, 1080i/1080p @50/60Hz; Auto adjustment for different cable lengths to produce the best video/audio experience. Supports 2-channel Stereo Audio. * Note: There’s a 250ms or less delay/latency due to data compression. Not recommended for real-time applications, such as PC gaming
  • ✔ IR REMOTE CONTROL EXTENSION – Allow source device to recognize remote commands; You can control the HDMI source device at a secondary location with the included IR cables that forward commands over a CAT5e/6 cable for convenience. We recommend using high performance pure COPPER gofanco CAT6 cables to ensure reliable performance: Search CAT6UTP-100 (B07PB3R8BK) / CAT6UTP-150 (B07P6TDMLH) on Amazon. *Note: One directional IR control from RX side to TX
  • ✔ SIMPLE INSTALLATION – No driver required; Surface mountable metal housing provides durability and higher level of RF/EMI shielding. FCC, CE & RoHS compliant. Our products are backed with a 1-year limited warranty and experienced tech support team in Silicon Valley. If you have any questions or concerns, visit our gofanco website or click on our name in the buy box and select "Ask a Question"
Bestseller No. 7
1x4 HDMI Extender Splitter HDBaseT 4K by OREI Multiple Over Single Cable CAT6/7 [email protected] 4:4:4 HDCP...
  • Distribute 4K 1 HDMI source to 4 HDMI displays over Cat6/7/8 Network Cable Simultaneously, Splitter Included - No Switcher Needed - Power Over LAN - No Adapter needed on Receiver Side
  • HDBaseT Technology for lossless and lag-free video transmission. Output 4K signal upto 400 Feet with Cat6/7 cable and 1080P signal upto 500 Feet. HDMI Transmitter is equipped with 4 Port CAT6 Output. And 1 Additional HDMI Output to connect to a local display or monitor. Supports HDR, HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, HLG
  • Loop Out on Sender Unit, Full IR Remote Control Input. Supports 20~60Hz IR Pass Back, Control a DVD Player or Other HDMI Video Source from a Remote Location with the included IR cables that forward commands over a dedicated DDC Channel.
  • Supports 18Gbps Bandwith, HDMI 2.0a HDCP 2.2, UHD 4K/60Hz YUV 4:4:4, HDR, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, PoC. HDR gives you higher contract and vivid colors Supports DTS-HD, Dolby TrueHD, 7.1ch digital audio and all other HDMI standard formats. Plug & Play Setup without any Software Installation. Compatible with CAT6/6a/7 Network Cables. The highest Resolution Supported is [email protected], Ideal Solution for HDMI Exhibition, Video Conference, Meeting rooms and Bars,, ect.
  • Includes: 1 x Transmitter, 4 x Receivers, 1 x Power Adapter, 1 x IR Blaster Cable, 4 x IR Receiver Cables, 1 x User Manual. 1 Year OREI Manufacturer's Warranty
Bestseller No. 8
HDMI Splitter Cable Male 1080P to Dual HDMI Female 1 to 2 Way HDMI Splitter Adapter Cable for HDTV...
  • Function: This product can operate as a signal router,you may have a TV in two separate rooms,you can have a TV on in one room and when you want to switch room and keep watching the TV,you just need to switch one TV off and switch the other TV on,and then the signal is routed to the TV in the other room.
  • Feature: It takes a signal from one device such as a Bluray player and will direct to one of two output devices that are plugged into it. This HDMI splitter cable is great for connecting one HDMI compatible device (Xbox,Blueray,DVD players,for PS3) to two visual output devises.
  • Suitable for:High Definition image resolutions such as 720p,1080i,and 1080p. Package Include: 1 x HDMI Cable. Length: 11.8 inch (30 cm).
  • Note:ONLY 1 output device should be active at any time. UNLESS both TVs are of the same size,then both TV will show the images when connected.
  • Package Include: 1 x HDMI Male to 2 HDMI Female 1 in 2 out Splitter Cable ; Length: 11.8 inch (30 cm);
SaleBestseller No. 9
OREI HDMI Splitter 1 in 2 Out 4K - 1x2 HDMI Display Duplicate/Mirror - Powered Splitter Full HD...
  • HDMI Splitter 1 in 2 Out: THIS UNIT DOES NOT EXTEND MONITORS - ONLY Split one HDMI input signal to two HDMI output signals identical to the input signal
  • Fully Compatible with any HDMI 1.4/ 1.3/ 1.2 version, support HDCP 1.4(NOTE: Will Not BYPASS HDCP), Easily Split Signal for devices with standard HDMI interface. Input: Computer, XBox 360, XBox one, PS3, PS4 Pro, Fire Stick, Blu-Ray DVD player, Satellite Receiver, Route Roku, Chromecast, PC, Projectors etc. Output: Apple TV, HD-Ready, Full HsD TVs, HD Monitors, Samsung TV, and more.
  • Maximum HDMI Cable Use - 30 Feet. For Best Picture quality do not use with cables over 30 Feet. The heavy-duty cool metal enclosure protects the insides and keeps the unit cool by aiding in quick heat absorption and dissipation. Operating temperature is 0°C ~ 40°C / 32°F ~ 104°F . Power Consumption (Max): 5W
  • Full Video format 3D, 4K x [email protected], 1080P @30hz, 1080P @60hz. Deep Color 4K @ 30Hz / 480i/ 576i/ 480p/ 576p/ 720p/ 1080i/ 1080p/ 1440i/ 1440p eidi duration 6 seconds. DOES NOT SUPPORT HDCP 2.0 & 2.2
  • Package includes - 1 - 4K 1x2 Splitter, 1 - USB Power Cable, 1 - User Manual (Power Adapter not Required) If you have any questions regarding our splitters please feel free to contact us through support
SaleBestseller No. 10
2021Newest 4K 60Hz HDMI Switch,3 In 1 Out HDMI Splitter,HDMI Multi Port Switch 2.0 Switcher...
  • 【3 In 1 Out HDMI Switcher & Supports Full HD 4K】: This HDMI switcher can easily transfer video and audio from 3 HDMI devices to an HDMI display. You can easily switch between three HDMI input sources without having to plug or remove devices(With manual switching). Input: PC, Laptops, Xbox 360, PS3/PS4/PS5, Roku Express, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Blu-ray DVD, etc; Output: Full HD TVs, projectors, monitors and more.
  • 【Plug and Play】: easy to set up and use, no external driver required. Simply connect your HDMI devices and simply press the switch button to change the signal within a second. It is Ideal for trade show, conference room, bedding room, living room, kitchen room and backyard.
  • 【Fast, Stable and Full HD Transmission】: 24K Gold Plated corrosion-resistant connectors to ensure superior signal transfer, High performance up to 18Gbps and high bandwidth, No delay, No loss of picture or sound quality. Let you enjoy high-definition movie-like vision and smooth comfort.
  • 【4K Ultra HD Resolution】The HDMI switch supports resolutions of 4Kx2K @ 60Hz/24Hz, 1080p @ 60Hz/24Hz, 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 576i, 480p, 480i etc. The HDMI switch is compatible with HD DVD, SKY-STB, PS3, XBox360 and other devices.
  • YOU WILL GET: 1*HDMI 2.0 Switcher +1*HDMI output Cable+1*User Manual. And come with best After-sale service and you will always get friendly support.【IMPORTANT NOTE: For some devices, the HDMI switch may not work(lose signal) when only one input device is power on due to insufficient power. In this case, please turn on two or all the three source devices to try. Thank you】

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