How to Add Bluetooth to Stereo or A/V Receiver? (2023)

If you are setting up an entirely wireless home theater, you will want to add Bluetooth to your receiver so that you can connect your TV with your receiver via Bluetooth. There are different kinds of Bluetooth receivers available on the market. But not all of them are suitable choices for home theater sound. So you have to be sure about what you are looking for before you purchase one.

A wireless Bluetooth adapter can be the problem solver. You can find these adapters available in different price ranges based on the quality. Moreover, these adapters are easy to use also.

After adding Bluetooth to your home theater system, you will be able to play any sound right from your phone or from any Bluetooth-supported device, including your laptops and some smart home devices

How to Install a Bluetooth Receiver

How to Install a Bluetooth Receiver

You will see a lot more detail about what to look for in a Bluetooth receiving unit and how to set it up and start using it. But now you can get to know that installing these devices is so easy. You just have to follow some easy and simple steps. Moreover installing process for all the Bluetooth receivers will be almost the same.

Choose the Hardware

Esinkin Wireless Audio Adapter

Firstly, you have to study the information below and get to know how to connect and use the hardware you’ve chosen. After you have selected your receiver, you do not have to worry much because the install process is mostly the same for all the receivers available on the market.

Connect the Bluetooth Adapter to the receiver

RCA Cables

You have to connect the adapter with your receiver using the red and white A/V cables that will come with the Bluetooth adapter. These cables are also called RCA cables. There will only be two cables because of the limitations of Bluetooth technology. The system will only carry two channels of sound.

The cables will be very easy to connect. You just have to connect the red RCA cable with the adapter’s red connection port and the white RCA cable with the white connection port, then connect the other end of the cables with the receiver’s red and white RCA input ports, and you will be ready to go.

Connect a Device to the Bluetooth Adapter

How to Add Bluetooth to Stereo or AV Receiver

After you have connected all your equipment, you are now ready to make the wireless connection with your receiver. Turn the power on of the Bluetooth adapter and connect it with the device you want to play audio. Via Bluetooth, you just have to pair your device with the adapter by following the steps specified by the adapter’s manufacturer.

It is as easy as turning the adapter on and finding it in your phone or computer’s Bluetooth pairing menu.

Power On and Test

After you have successfully paired your device with the adapter, you are now ready to power on the receiver and test it out. 

Sometimes you may have to change the input on the receiver to the channels you’ve plugged the RCA cables. So if you do not hear anything first, you do not have to worry; change the input on the receiver. You can also check the receiver’s manual for any help.

Choosing the Right Equipment

At first, you have to make sure that your Bluetooth receiver’s output plugs match with the input plugs of the channel you want to use on your A/V or stereo receiver. But if you do not have one or can’t find one that matches, you have to get an appropriate converter cable.

Aside from USB connections, Bluetooth receivers have universally analog audio output. So if your A/V or stereo receiver only has digital inputs, you have to purchase a converter unit that plugs into the wall.

There are two kinds of Bluetooth receivers available on the market. Those are battery-powered and wall-powered.

Battery-powered units are generally used for the auxiliary input of car radio systems. They come with a minimalistic look because they have fewer cables. But you have to recharge them or replace the batteries. 

But we think that Wall powered receivers are the best choice for a home theater system. For this, you may need to extend your surge protector, but it really worth it. After setting it up, there will be no maintenance.

A High-Quality Bluetooth Adapter Option

bluetooth 5.0 transmitter receiver
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One of the most significant issues that you can face with Bluetooth for audio is the strength of the signal. So if you want the best performance from your hardware, you can try and solve the possible issues with wireless Bluetooth signals. 

The Bluetooth 5 feature will be suitable for your signal strength, but it will also pull triple duty by being a Bluetooth broadcaster and receiver. So it can solve your problem. Besides, it will add more functionality by routing sound to other devices, such as from your TV to a pair of wireless headphones.

A More budget-Friendly Option

esinkin wireless audio adapter.

The Bluetooth technology is easy to use, and it is pretty cheap to implement also. Bluetooth Adapters like this esinkin Bluetooth Audio Adapter (on Amazon) is able to convert your Bluetooth signals to the left and right channel sound without coming close to breaking the bank. 

This adapter comes with a limited low number of channels, so you will be able to get it at an affordable price because the wireless signal can’t carry all the channels.

Drawbacks of Bluetooth

Bluetooth connectivity is mainly designed for broadcasting signals between portable devices. Nowadays, many home theater systems come with built-in Bluetooth connectivity, so it should be one of your last resorts for wireless audio transmission.


Bluetooth is designed so that you can connect your personal devices without headphone wires or other cables. It is common to connect with a car stereo system, a portable speaker unit, or any other audio devices you expect to be close by when using.

Bluetooth comes with a range of 30 feet only. You can play your playlist from your phone, but you should not do that if you want to travel with it. However, Bluetooth 5 can provide you with three to ten times this range. But if you want to enjoy this feature, you have to have Bluetooth 5 in both the receiver you are going to buy and the device you want to connect to it. This feature has been available since 2017, but you can find it only in the top of the line devices.


Bluetooth technology is only able to play two-channel stereo sound. So if you want to broadcast 3.x or 5.x audio to your receiver, your sound will be compressed into two channels. However, you can not get 3.x audio or higher from a Bluetooth receiver.


Another disadvantage is the circuit of a Bluetooth receiver. Bluetooth receivers are not able to transmit a digital audio signal. But most of home theater systems can receive the digital audio signal. So it is a disadvantage of using Bluetooth.

Two Ways to Set Up a Bluetooth Receiver

But actually, there are two ways to connect a Bluetooth receiver to your home theater. You can use any of the ways to connect your receiver. It mostly depends on how you are going to use it. Moreover, you may need another kind of equipment. Make sure how you will connect your Bluetooth receiver to your home theater before you start to buy something.

Separate Channel (Safest Way)

You can set up a Bluetooth receiver by connecting it to the audio inputs of its own channel on your receiver. Moreover, it is the safest way. After selecting the input channel, you can connect the right and left channels of the Bluetooth receiver with the input channels.

Now you can select the input channel and play music from any device by pairing it with the receiver. During testing the sound, connect to the Bluetooth with your device’s lowest volume, then play a song and gradually increase the sound.

HT Bypass (Best Sound)

Some of the available A/V or stereo receivers come with a separate HT (home theater) bypass. This system allows you to bypass the preamp stage and play your sound straight through the power amp into your left and right speakers and your subwoofer so that you do not get any muddy crossover from your center and rear speakers. 

It is also risky because your speakers will do the processing. So if you accidentally connect the receiver with your phone at full volume and play any sound, it could damage your speakers.

Let’s Get Wireless

So after reading the article, we hope that now you can take your decision. You can purchase a Bluetooth adapter, plug it in, connect your device, and start hearing sound without any wire connection. You may be limited to only two channels, but the elegant look of fewer wires really worth it.

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