RPX vs IMAX: Which one is Better for You? (2023)

IMAX & RPX are movie formats that are getting popular day by day. If you truly want to enjoy a movie, you should know about IMAX & RPX. Choosing the right format for you can entirely change your movie experience.

Differences of RPX vs IMAX

IMAX Stands for Image Maximum. IMAX is a company that owns high-resolution cameras, film formats, projectors, and film formats. Its name refers to its film format. IMAX is famous for its huge screen displays, 3D Formats, and fascinating movie experiences. It uses digital dual laser projectors and an excellent sound system.

RPX stands for Regal Premium Experience. RPX is owned by the company Regal Cinema. RPX provides brighter and more vivid color on the screen, and it also provides a sharper & crisp image quality than the standard projection system.

1. RPX vs IMAX: Summary

IMAX and RPX can be differentiated on many points. For example- Comfortness, Movie Experience, Theatre & Cameras, Sound Systems & other features differentiate RPX vs IMAX.

Hence we need to know deeper, to know the differences between these two. By knowing about these, you will be able to select the best film format.

2. RPX vs IMAX: Comfortability

IMAX theatre has excessive cushions, which are way more comfortable than standard theatre.

But the seat of RPX is more comfortable and premium than IMAX. RPX theatre can contain 150-300 seats at a time. The seats are very cozy & the environment is amazing.

3. RPX vs IMAX: Theatre & Cameras

IMAX cinemas have a unique theatre and camera system, which makes it more fascinating & amazing. The screen of the theatre is curved in the middle and makes a figure of a gigantic dome. The design of the theatre gives the movie 3D effect and crystal clear image quality. IMAX uses dual 2K & 4K high-quality laser projectors, high-resolution camera’s & 12 channel sound system.

The movie is projected on a silver-coated screen, vertically and horizontally, to create a fascinating effect. IMAX theatre’s seats are a little bit vertical. RPX uses updated newer projectors and an updated sound system. It produces immersive image quality, high definition sound quality with extra quality visuals. The image quality is more vibrant and brighter than IMAX.

4. RPX vs IMAX: Sound System

IMAX has installed 12 channels of an audio system. IMAX cinema uses IMAX digital sound DDP (Digital Disc Playback), which is designed by Sonics. The system is a digital sound system is specifically made for IMAX. The sound is surrounded, and speakers are installed above the head. IMAX cinemas also use Dolby atmos.

On the other hand, RPX uses a 7.1 channel audio system. They are using low-frequency transducers in every seat to enhance the sounds. Although transducers enhance the sounds but, some people find it irritating because of the unpleasant harmonics. Their sound system is not comparable to IMAX or Dolby Atmos.

5. RPX vs IMAX: Aspect Ratio

An average IMAX theatre is 52-72 feet, but it can also be much larger. A huge IMAX Theatre is approx. Ninety-eight feet, the whole theatre is covered with screen, and the movie becomes more realistic. The IMAX ratio is measured as 1.43:1 or 1.90:1. An ultra-wide IMAX is measured as 2: 39: 1. IMAX screens are six times bigger than any normal theatre.

An average RPX theatre is bigger than a dual 2K IMAX theatre. RPX is measured approx 31 feet tall & 58 feet wide. An RPX screen is taller when compared to an IMAX screen. The IMAX screen aspect ratio is 1:90:1 & RPX is bigger than IMAX’s dual 2K.

6. RPX vs IMAX: Movie Experience

IMAX cinemas give a real immersive movie experience. IMAX cinemas are the best for those who want to watch 3D movies; The audience feels like they are part of the movie. The on-screen movie seems to approach the audience. Because of the sound system, everything seems to be happening in real life. IMAX theatres have outstanding brightness clarity. IMAX uses advanced laser technology to create vivid and accurate pictures. IMAX uses a 70mm film format that creates stunning & amazing images.

RPX cinemas happen to give you a really loud sound quality, but the clarity of the sound is top-notch. If you are hard of hearing, then RPX theatre is for you. RPX screen is much easier on your eyes; they will affect your eyes compared to IMAX. RPX intended to provide you with premium & high-quality visuals & audio systems.

Which One is Better, RPX or IMAX:?

IMAX cinema is the best to watch 3D movies. But on the other hand story, oriented movie’s are not worth in IMAX because you only focus on scenes and dialogues, not the panorama.

IMAX films can also be played in RPX theatres. You need to wear polarized glasses to reduce the effect of lighting & to enhance the 3D effect.

RPX is suitable for every format, whether it is 2D or 3D. Your movie experience also depends on the location of RPX cinema; some RPX cinemas are really worth it for their bigger screen and advanced technology. Your seating position can also change your experience of the movie; as compared to standard theatre, RPX provides you with premium seating.


The choice depends on person-to-person’s preferences as the 3D craze has been increased over the last few years. As time is passing and people are moving towards other film formats, but the true worth of IMAX is still the same, undeniably.

IMAX giant screen is a big win to all movie lovers. But there are some people who still love the comfort of the cinema hall. That is what RPX is best for; RPX gives you highly comfortable seats and an environment. 402-935-7733 Paypal or Scam?

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