What to Look for Before Buying a Speaker for Kayak?

While kayaking in a calm river, the serenity can be beautifully complemented by the symphony of your choice. This seems to be a nice situation until water splashes attack your speaker and damage it. Also, you might not wanna carry that bulky speaker with you on the kayak.

The best solution is to buy a waterproof portable speaker that gives excellent sound clarity and powerful bass to make your kayaking experience much better. We will go over the crucial factor you need to consider before buying a speaker for a kayak. Let’s get started.

Why Is a Speaker Necessary for Kayak?

This summer, you might want to explore some unknown area in the countryside. Be it a solo or group adventure; people often tend to have some alone time in the middle of nowhere. Listening to your favorite tracks can calm your senses down and relax your nerves in those situations.

Many people like to listen to audiobooks and lectures while kayaking. It is also a great way to spend your time waiting for a catch. You can also connect it to the radio and get weather news. This can also help you answer your calls better in the loudness of the streams.

There have also been times when speakers helped kayakers to send distress signals. So, there is a lot more to it than just having fun.

What to Look for Before Buying a Speaker for Kayak?

You need to consider several essential features to pick the right speaker for kayak. Everything will be discussed, from build quality to waterproofing.

Speaker Size

Whenever you think of buying a speaker for a kayak, you should determine the preferred size first. If the speaker is too small or lightweight, it might not be as durable as you want. Such speakers aren’t usually waterproof or water-resistant, so the speaker might get damaged very quickly.

And these tiny speakers are pretty easy to lose in the midst of your kayaking gears. But if the speaker is very large and bulky, it will be difficult to carry with you. Transporting large speakers is a great hassle. And it might also affect the maximum weight limit of your kayak when you are carrying a lot of gears.

So, your desired speaker should be an intermediary between these two. A medium-sized speaker will be the most suitable option for kayak.

Sound Quality

If we exclude the size of the speaker, sound quality is the most important feature of any speaker. And there are many different parameters to measure how good the speaker sounds in different situations.

Let’s talk about sound clarity first. Bluetooth or portable speakers seem to produce a buzz while playing. You must have a clear and crisp sound from the speaker without any buzz. The bass should be moderately powerful to give you the pleasure of enjoying some heavy sound while kayaking.

Though you won’t get that much wattage in medium-sized speakers, the sound should be audible throughout the kayak, even in chaotic conditions. To sum up, high sound clarity, wide range, and powerful bass will ensure you get excellent sound quality from a portable speaker for kayak.

Battery Life

This is another important factor worth considering when you buy a waterproof speaker for kayak. To waterproof the internal parts, brands use materials like rubber. This lowers the internal space of the speaker, so the battery size gets smaller.

A standard speaker for kayak should have enough battery life to survive for about eight to ten hours, or at least the time you spend kayaking. So, the battery should be big enough for such speakers.

And the charging speed should also be fast so that you can quickly prepare the speaker for your upcoming kayaking tours.


This is the most confusing part of buying a speaker for your kayak. Some speakers are claimed to be waterproof, while others are water-resistant. What do these two terms mean? Let’s break them down.

Water-resistant speakers aren’t fully capable of repelling water if they are completely submerged in water. They can just protect the internal components of the speaker from smaller splashes of water.

These speakers have IP ratings to express the capability of their water-resistance. Waterproof speakers can be completely submerged into water to a certain depth and can sit there for a certain time without any damage.

If you have the budget, it will be wise to invest in a good waterproof speaker to perform great even if it accidentally falls in the water.


As we are talking about a portable speaker, it must have the Bluetooth connectivity option so that you can easily pair it with your smartphone or tablet. The latest version of Bluetooth connectivity will ensure you have no audio lag, especially when listening to live telecast.

Most speakers will have standard charging ports. But you can get USB type-C charging ports in some speakers. Also, check the wattage of the charging brick so that you can recharge the battery faster.

Portability and Convenience

Though size and weight are important factors in determining portability, the speaker should have additional features for convenience. For example, as your kayak might go through rogue waves, the speaker should have options to harness it with the kayak body or your backpack. This way, the speaker won’t get lost in the water.

The speaker should also have a user-friendly control panel so that you can tweak the settings even when cruising through the water.


Listening to your favorite music or important weather forecast are absolute must-have while kayaking. But the sound experience from smartphone speakers can get horrible depending on the situation.

This is why you need to get the right speaker for kayak. If you don’t know the essential features that should be present in your speaker, you might repent the next time you are in the middle of the water.

So, read this short yet informative guide to have an overall idea of what to look for before buying a speaker for kayak. Invest your hard-earned money in the right speaker that is lightweight, durable, portable, and sounds to your heart’s content.