How to Block Neighbor’s Security Camera? Secret Tips and Guide

Nowadays, almost every neighborhood keeps security cameras. It’s nothing wrong and vital for safety. However, it can pose a danger to your privacy. Sometimes, you could feel uncomfortable with the neighborhood camera. It’s quite normal. There’s a chance the neighborhood camera can point at your property. Therefore, people online want to learn how to blind the neighborhood security camera.

So, what to do? You can install tinted windows, plant shrubs, or large trees to slab the camera focus. Further, you can even talk to your neighbor about it. But it could be problematic if you don’t know it well. You can install a security camera pointed into the bosom’s pantile to deceive them into moving theirs. Yeah, you can do a lot of things indeed!

In this blog article, we’ll discuss how you can solve this problematic situation. Let’s read the whole article to learn about it –

How to Block Neighbor’s Security Camera – Let’s Check the Tips

People install security cameras for safety reasons. Nevertheless, they could be invading privacy. That’s undoubtedly a huge concern. On the other hand, blinding the camera could land you in legal trouble. Due to its complicated laws, you can’t also damage the camera as you can end up in jail for such a reason.

So, what should you do? Every state has laws on using a security camera in residential yards. However, some issues are almost equal for all countries worldwide. They are –

Solid Breach of Privacy

According to federal law, it’s illegal to install a security camera in a place where privacy is entirely expected. So, it’s pretty clear that if your neighbor points the camera that can capture the inside footage of your residence, it will surely be unlawful and you can act against it.

Public Places

If the neighborhood’s camera captures public places or views, it has no problem. Federal law also permits that. Additionally, it is permissible if the camera is capturing the sidewalk, parking lot, or even your home’s front outside.

The places or something visible from the street is utterly legal under security law.

Audio Record

This is the most complicated matter for sure. The thing is, recording audio without the permission or acknowledgment of someone is illegal. But, how can you know that the camera is recording the audio? Actually, you’ve to ask your neighbor directly about it. There’s practically no other way to know it.

How to Block Neighbor’s Camera? – Secret Tips!

How to Block Neighbors Camera

Here we are! The first and foremost thing to know is how your neighbor handles the camera. Before the rush to judgment, you’ve to ensure it. Otherwise, there’s no way you can’t enlist their act as harassment. As long as there’s no security breach, it will be ok according to the law.

However, if the camera infringes on your privacy, then you can take action. But one thing is don’t do any stupid things like breaking the camera, jamming, or disrupting its process. So, before doing such aggressive acts, hear us out. There are intelligent ways to interrupt the security surveillance cameras of the neighborhood.

Let’s check out some highly efficient ways –

Method 1 – Check Whether it’s Real or Fake

This is the most important thing you must do before making a judgment. Closely check whether the camera is real or fake. Sometimes, people use a decoy to fool the burglars to keep them at bay from doing illegal activity. Hence, it serves as a suitable deterrence method. It is also a cost-effective and highly efficient procedure.

Besides, you can use bug detectors to detect such a thing. We recommend you to use LM-8 Bug Detector, which has the capability to bring a security camera into the light. Apart from it, it can also reveal audio bugs. Moreover, you can do the task manually by looking for infrared light. In addition, look closely at whether the cable is linked to the camera.

Method 2 – Let’s Make a Chit Chat with Them!

So, do you doubt that your neighbors are spying on your property through their cameras? Don’t make an early assumption. If you feel that way, the best way to clear the matter is by paying a visit to them. Then, talk to them about your concern and ask them why the camera is pointing to your property.

If they say that they don’t have any intention to point the camera on your property and keep it for their own safety, you should ask for the footage. Seeing footage of the recorded video is the most convenient way to settle the discussion. As a result, the dispute won’t go big. If you see the footage isn’t giving anything of your area, then it’s ok.

However, if they refuse to provide any footage of what’s been taken from the camera, it might be a notion that they’re trying to hide something. Afterward, you can politely ask them to divert it. If they still refuse, then there’s something evil on their mind. Let’s end the chit chat and get ready for the upcoming action.

Method 3 – Get Help from Mediators

Disputing with unfriendly people is so disgusting. So, it’s better to ask for help from a reliable mediator. In such a case, you could ask for assistance from local community service or neighborhood mediation community centers. In whatever way, tell your genuine concern to them.

They could ask for a meeting and mediate the whole thing precisely.

Method 4 – Get Help from Authority

If you’re more than sure that your neighbor is invading your privacy by putting the camera on you and your property and refusing your request to divert it, it’s time to take legal action. Thus, you can contact the law enforcement agency. In such a case, talk to a lawyer or security forces.

This is simple math. You’ve tried to settle the dispute in a friendly way. Henceforth, you’ve tried everything to do it but failed. Now, it’s time to sort the issue in a much harder path.

Method 5 – Hack the Camera

You can turn off the live security camera by enforcing the hacking method. But, you’ve to learn the proper hacking way to do it. Therefore, knowing how to hack Wi-Fi will be good. Those methods are highly efficient in blocking security surveillance cameras.

Henceforth, it will be the most ingenious task if you seek to learn the perfect Wi-Fi hacking procedure to complete the job.

Method 6 – Purchase a Camera Jammer Gadget

A security camera jammer can be a super perfect option to stop the workability of a security camera. It works like electronic warfare! However, it will cost you thousands of dollars. It is a highly expensive device and you should prepare for state-based law-related problems with it. But, you could still count it as a superior option.

Security camera jammers can successfully stop the operations of a camera. Thus, it can feed your desire to block the neighbor from spying on you. Besides, the detection possibility is almost zero. This device can disable the camera activities while sending disruption code frequencies between 900MHz and 2499MHz.

Further, the surveillance camera jammer is too lightweight. You can even tote them in your pocket. Nevertheless, there is no cable jammer available on the market. Thus, you can try a laser method to continue to protect your privacy.

Method 7 – Planting Trees and Fences

It’s a good and fully legalized way to blind your neighbor’s security camera. Don’t want to go too techy? Ok, then! Just go the plant-y way! It’s good! You can plant big trees and strong fences in front of the surveillance camera. As a result, it will fail to capture anything inside your home.

Moreover, you can also shade the window to block the camera. Bamboo fences, yard shade sails, etc., are proficient things to blind CCTV cameras. A thoughtful approach, isn’t it?!

Method 8 – Install a Robust Light Facing Lens

You can proficiently block a mounted CCTV camera by using a powerful light lens. This procedure is superb and can stop the CC camera without causing damage to it. However, it can be on a timer. As a result, it generally shines at night. The security camera will jam immediately when you shine the light at night.

Henceforth, it is only for nighttime service. You can use this device if you don’t have any problem with filming in daylight.

Method 9 – Use Infrared Laser

You can productively blind the neighbor’s camera by using an infrared laser in the lens. But, this isn’t a permanent solution and it’s a temporary method to stop the security camera from exploring your inside. You can find such cameras in any hardware store. 

Contrariwise, this method only applies if the camera is mounted on a wall instead of a pole. Nowadays, most CCTV cameras use infrared LEDs rather than infrared light. This system can blind the cameras that use infrared light only. Hence, you can blind the camera by pointing the laser towards the camera lens.

Nevertheless, don’t point the laser at the building or any people around it.

Method 10 – Use LED Light

Another sophisticated way to block the surveillance camera mounted on a wall is to install a LED light in front of it. However, you’ve to ensure that the light successfully faces the camera. This is how it can stop the camera’s activity temporarily. One thing is this method will see success if the camera is only mounted on a wall. It can’t blind any pole-mounted camera.

Moreover, you can get its benefit if the camera uses infrared light instead of bright infrared light.

Method 11 – Setup Film on the Windows

You can block off the neighbor’s camera by installing tape all over the window. In such a case, you must use dark-colored tape. So, they won’t find anything inside of your property. Yes, you need to work smartly to make this method effective. However, you will be able to fool the disgusting neighbors through this method.

Nevertheless, this method will work if the camera is set up on a mounted wall. But, it will be ineffective if the camera is installed in a pole-mounted area. This is an effortless and magnificent solution to blind the CCTV camera for the time being.

Method 12 – Setup Black Mesh

If a noisy neighbor can see the window, it’s time to block it! Here we go – you can do it by installing black mesh over the window. As a result, your home will be protected and there’s no way to see inside parts of your residence.

How to Install the CCTV Camera Outside?

There are multiple procedures you’ve to do before installing a surveillance camera outside. Take a look –

  • Firstly, set up a list of areas where you want to place the security camera. Further, you should provide weather protection to protect the camera from rain or snow. This is how its durability will stay intact. On the other side, if you’re installing a wired camera, you should install it some places where you can easily connect it with a power supply.
  • Let’s prepare the camera. You can do it by drilling pilot holes for the screws using the shaped piece of metal. Now, secure the camera mount to the wall with the assistance of these screws.
  • Place the camera wherever you want. But, keep people’s privacy intact and ensure it won’t invade anybody’s private property. Secure the CC camera to the mount and synthesize its angle in the correct way.
  • Install the suitable application on the camera. Search on Google play store or Apple store and find the right app for it.
  • Link the gadget with a Wi-Fi network. Let’s follow the Wi-Fi-enabled surveillance camera requirements to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Now, ready – set – and go!

Some Important Things You Should Know

There are some essential matters you must know –

Right of Installing CCTV Camera and Taking Footage

Of course, your neighbor has the right to install a security camera. Is there any doubt? Never! They can do it for personal protection and safety. Moreover, this is how they can keep burglars away from home. But they can’t capture the sensitive or explicit footage of your home.

In such a case, you can raise your concern and take legal action against them. A security breach is always an illegal thing, according to law. So, you can talk to your neighbor if you feel concerned. Other measurements can be implemented if necessary.

Privacy Matters!

Yes, your neighbor can put a surveillance camera in their home to keep them safe. There’s nothing wrong with that. But they can’t capture private or sensitive things in your home. In such a case, you can have the full right to your privacy.

Perhaps your room can be seen on your neighbor’s CCTV cam. Moreover, the window of the room is also visible from the outside. But, if the camera takes footage, which is invisible to naked eyes, it will be branded as a privacy breach. And, if that happens, you have the right to take legal action.

Furthermore, privacy infringement is always an unlawful thing. You can also consult a lawyer or pay a visit to the police if you feel that your neighbor is spying on you or breaking your privacy. However, most of the cases proved that privacy breaching doesn’t happen. It will be best if you make contact with the neighbor and share your concern.

If things don’t go well, then you can take legal action at a later stage.

Things You Should Stay Away From

It’s crucial to know where you should stop. You can’t go beyond limits as certain acts might be harmful and make things ugly. So, you’ve to see the limit. For this reason, don’t do any questionable actions. Yes, you can get provocation to see various strategies to block CCTV cameras on the internet.

However, you should know some things before making any rogue decision. When you ask such a question, “how to blind neighborhood security cameras,” in a forum, you might get questionable tips. Here are something you should stay away from –

Cutting Cables

That’s a big thing. If you cut the camera’s cable, it means you’ve harmed someone’s property. Afterward, if you file a complaint to the police, things won’t be in your favor for sure.

Covering the Lens

Making a barrier over the lens with anything is also against the law. It means you’re disturbing other people’s property. So, it won’t help either.

Hack the CC Camera

It’s not a secret matter that hacking is an illegal path. So, if you hack into the system, it means you’ve done an illicit job. Yes, hacking isn’t a challenging task. But, remember that getting caught is equally easy.

Using Spray Paint

Spraying paint over the lens is an entirely illicit activity. You can’t paint on other people’s property. As a result, you could even face criminal charges.

Breaking the Camera

It is too disgusting to matter when somebody violates your privacy. Moreover, it is a more matter of anger if somebody doesn’t listen about it. But, you can’t lose your cool on this issue. Hence, you should try to keep your anger in check.

If you lose your cool and break the camera, you could face a severe police charge.

How to Blind the Neighborhood Security Camera – FAQs


How can I detect a hidden CC camera?

Harmful people use hidden cameras and mics. They use it to spy on somebody they branded as their enemy. However, what’s the process of detecting them? You can physically catch them. The camera lens is covered with reflective surfaces. Hence, this surface begins to glow when they’re exposed to light.

You can also trace them through electronic signals. There are RF detectors that can assist you in this. In addition, they start to beep when they discover signals from a hidden cam.

Is it possible to blind the security camera?

There are several ways. But, if you want to do it, you must calculate some measurements. Otherwise, you could face legal trouble.

How much does a CC camera cost?

The price of a CCTV camera will cost around 80$ to 100$. Henceforth, if you want a camera with weather-resistant capability, it could cost you about $200 to $250.

Can a surveillance camera work through the window?

Yes, some CCTV cameras possess motion sensors. In such a case, they are capable of tracking out motion and recording it from the glass window.

Bottom Line – Don’t do anything stupid!

The last thing we want to tell you is don’t do anything driven by emotion. Otherwise, you could regret it for sure! Just remember that any stupid move could land you in legal trouble. As a result, you could spend a lot of bucks. Before taking any move, we advise you to read and learn the legal issues and regulations regarding security measurements and privacy breaches.

Furthermore, if you have any sophisticated ideas to ban security cameras pointing at private property, you can share them with us in the box below! Thanks and goodbye!

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