How to Reset Spectrum Remote Rc122

To reset a Spectrum RC122 remote control, begin by pressing and holding the Setup button until all four mode lights turn on. Then, press 9-8-1 in order. The TV mode light should flash twice to indicate that the remote has been successfully reset.

If it doesn’t, try entering 9-8-1 again until you get two flashes. Once this is done, hold down the Setup button once more until all four lights go off to confirm the reset was successful. To program your remote to work with specific devices and components like TVs or stereos, use the appropriate 3 digit code listed in your user manual and follow the steps outlined there for programming your device with these codes.

  • Step 1: Begin by pressing and holding the Setup button on your remote until the red light at the top of your remote flashes twice
  • Step 2: Use the arrow buttons to select the “Cable” option in the menu, then press OK/Select
  • Step 3: Enter 0476 into your remote (this is a code that will allow you to reset it) and press OK/Select again
  • Step 4: Your remote should now be reset back to its factory settings
  • To test if it’s working properly, try using it with any device connected to your Spectrum cable box or TV service

Program Spectrum Remote to TV Easy Installation LESS THAN ONE MINUTE

Spectrum Remote Rc122 Turn on All Devices

Using the Spectrum Remote RC122, you can easily turn on all of your devices with just one press of a button. By pressing the “all power” button located at the top-right corner of the remote, it will automatically send signals to each device and turn them on in an instant. This is a convenient and efficient way for you to quickly control multiple devices without having to manually power them up individually.

Rc122 Master Power Button

The RC122 Master Power Button from Cooler Master is an innovative device that makes it easier to control your PC’s power supply. It allows you to turn on or off a single computer, multiple computers simultaneously, or even connected devices such as external hard drives and printers with the press of one button. This helps save time and energy by quickly powering down all connected peripherals without having to manually switch off each individual device.

Additionally, the RC122 features customizable settings for controlling fan speed, lighting effects and more – making it perfect for gamers who want ultimate control over their gaming setup!

Rc122 Remote Volume Control

The RC122 Remote Volume Control is a versatile, user-friendly device that allows you to manage the volume of your audio equipment from anywhere in the home. This handy tool can be used with any sound system and comes with an easy-to-use remote control for convenient operation. It enables you to adjust the levels of each speaker individually or as part of a group setting, which makes it ideal for multiroom applications.

Furthermore, its intuitive design means all settings are clearly displayed on the LCD screen, allowing users to quickly make adjustments without having to fiddle around with complicated menus.

Rc122 Remote Programming

RC122 Remote Programming is a great way to set up and control your home’s entertainment system. It allows you to customize the commands for each device, as well as create macros that let you control multiple devices with one button press. With RC122, you can also program your remote with voice recognition technology so you don’t have to fumble around with buttons or menus – just tell it what you want and it will do it!

Rc122 Remote Backlight

The RC122 Remote Backlight is an innovative device that helps users to easily locate their remote control in the dark. It illuminates when a button is pressed, making it easier to find the right channel or setting without turning on the lights. The backlight also has adjustable brightness levels and a battery life of up to 12 months so you won’t need to worry about replacing batteries frequently.

This product can be used with most major brands of remote controls, adding convenience and ease of use for anyone who loves watching TV in the dark!

Rc122 Tcl Remote Code

The RC122 TCL Remote Code is a universal remote control used to operate multiple audio and video devices such as TVs, DVD players, cable boxes, and more. It features direct access keys for popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube and Vudu. The device also comes with several additional buttons that allow you to customize your viewing experience by providing quick access to the functions of your devices.

With this easy-to-use remote code it makes controlling all of your entertainment devices simple and effortless!

Spectrum Remote Control Rc122 User Guide

The Spectrum Remote Control RC122 User Guide is a comprehensive guide to programming your remote and taking full advantage of its features. It includes instructions on how to program the remote, access different devices, and change settings. The user guide also provides troubleshooting steps for any issues that may arise with the remote.

This user guide is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to get the most out of their Spectrum RC122 Remote Control.

Spectrum Remote Codes

Spectrum remote codes are used to pair your Spectrum remote with any device that uses infrared technology, such as TVs and audio devices. With the proper code entered into the remote, you can control a variety of functions on these devices, including volume, channel selection and power settings. To find the right code for your device, visit the official website of Spectrum or consult the user manual provided by your device’s manufacturer.

How to Reset Spectrum Remote Rc122


How Do I Reset My Spectrum Remote?

If you are looking to reset your Spectrum remote, there are a few steps you can take in order to do so. First and foremost, locate the “Reset” button on the back of your remote. This is usually located near the battery compartment.

Once you have found this button, press and hold it for three seconds until all four mode buttons (TV, DVD/VCR, AUX1 & AUX2) light up in sequence. After they have lit up twice in sequence, release the Reset button and then press any other key on top of your remote control to finish resetting it. If after following these steps your remote still isn’t working correctly or not responding at all; check that there aren’t any devices blocking its signal path such as metal objects or walls obstructing the infrared beam from reaching the device you want it to communicate with.

Furthermore make sure that no one else is using their own remotes nearby as this could potentially interfere with yours as well. Finally if everything else checks out then try replacing batteries in both remotes with fresh ones which should help return them back into working condition again!

Why Isn T My Spectrum Remote Not Working?

If you’re having trouble with your Spectrum remote not working, it could be caused by a variety of factors. It could be due to weak batteries, an outdated remote, or even an issue with the spectrum receiver itself. To begin troubleshooting your remote, first check the batteries and ensure they are correctly inserted into the battery compartment.

If that doesn’t work, try replacing them with fresh ones. Next make sure there are no obstructions between the remote and receiver such as furniture or walls blocking its signal path. You should also verify that the code in your device is up-to-date; if it isn’t then you can reprogram it using codes from Spectrum’s website for various devices.

Lastly, if all else fails try resetting both your spectrum box and remote by unplugging them from power for at least 10 seconds before plugging them back in again – this will clear any potential software issues or glitches causing problems with communication between them. With these simple steps hopefully you’ll have successfully fixed any issues preventing connection between your Spectrum box and its controller!

How Do I Connect My Spectrum Remote Back to My TV?

Connecting your Spectrum remote back to your TV is a relatively simple process. First, make sure that you have the correct model of remote for the type and brand of TV that you own. Then, power on both the TV and your Spectrum receiver.

On most models of remotes there will be a button labeled “TV” or something similar; press this button once. Next, hold down the “Setup” button until a small LED light blinks twice; release it afterward. Enter in code 001 using the number pad on the remote control, then press enter or OK (depending on what type of remote).

If all goes well, you should hear two tones indicating that your remote has been successfully paired with your television set! It’s as easy as that – now sit back, relax and enjoy watching some of your favorite shows!

How Do I Program My Spectrum Remote to My Spectrum Cable Box?

Programming a Spectrum remote to your Cable box is an easy process. To get started, you will need the following items: your Spectrum remote, two AAA batteries, and the model number of your cable box. Start by removing the back cover of the remote and inserting two new AAA batteries into it.

Once that’s done, press and hold down the SETUP button until the red LED light stays on. After that, use either code search or direct entry to program your remote with your cable box model number (which can be found in several places such as its packaging or manual). If using Code Search method, just press 9-9-1 then wait for a few moments until all four mode keys blink twice; if using Direct Entry method enter three digit codes from this list for specific models (you’ll find them in each brand’s user guide).

Finally once you have programmed successfully tested all buttons and functions on your Spectrum Remote control to make sure everything works properly before returning to regular TV viewing activities!


Overall, resetting your Spectrum RC122 remote is a simple process that can be completed in just a few minutes. Whether you have lost the original code or are simply having trouble with your current remote, this guide has provided all the steps necessary to help get it back up and running. With these instructions, you should now feel confident when tackling any issues that may arise with your Spectrum RC122 Remote.

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