Hawaiian Telcom Vs Spectrum

Hawaiian Telcom and Spectrum are two different providers of telecommunications services. Hawaiian Telcom is a local provider that specializes in providing phone, internet, television, and other communication services to customers throughout the islands of Hawaii. Spectrum provides similar services but on a much larger scale with its nationwide network.

In terms of pricing, Hawaiian Telcom tends to be more expensive than Spectrum due to its smaller customer base and localized service offerings. However, many customers prefer Hawaiian Telcom for its specialized customer support team which has extensive knowledge about the areas they serve. Additionally, customers who rely heavily on their connection may find that Hawaiian Telcom’s faster speeds make it worth the extra cost compared to Spectrum’s slower overall speeds across wider regions.

If you’re looking for reliable and high-speed internet service in Hawaii, then you may be interested in comparing Hawaiian Telcom vs. Spectrum. Both companies offer a variety of services to their customers including broadband, cable TV, phone and fiber optic options. Hawaiian Telcom offers an impressive array of features such as fast speeds up to 1 Gbps, unlimited data plans with no contracts or hidden fees as well as 24/7 customer support.

On the other hand, Spectrum provides great prices combined with excellent customer service and a wide range of features like HDTV packages along with digital voice services at competitive rates. Ultimately it comes down to your individual needs when deciding which provider is right for you but both have plenty to offer so make sure to compare them before making a decision!

Hawaiian Telcom vs Spectrum [DETAILED REVIEW]

Hawaiian Telcom Internet Reviews

Hawaiian Telcom Internet Reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with users generally praising the company’s high-speed connection and reliable customer service. Many customers report that Hawaiian Telcom offers a variety of plans to meet their specific needs, as well as excellent technical support whenever they encounter problems. In addition, several reviewers have highlighted Hawaiian Telcom’s competitive pricing and its commitment to providing quality internet access for all of Hawaii’s residents.

Overall, Hawaiian Telcom is seen as an outstanding provider of internet services in the state.

Hawaiian Telcom Fiber Coverage Map

Hawaiian Telcom is Hawaii’s leading provider of residential and business fiber internet services. Their fiber coverage map allows customers to easily see which areas are eligible for their high-speed fiber internet service. The map not only shows the current coverage area, but also provides a preview of upcoming expansion plans so customers can plan ahead for future service availability.

Hawaiian Telcom’s Fiber network offers lightning fast speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps), making it one of the fastest home networking options in Hawaii today.

Hawaiian Telcom TV Packages

Hawaiian Telcom offers a range of TV packages to suit your needs, with options for local and premium channels. Each package includes HDTV programming and access to movies and shows on demand, plus the ability to record up to two shows at once. You can also bundle Hawaiian Telcom TV with other services like high-speed internet or phone plans for additional savings.

Hawaiian Telcom Fiber Installation

Hawaiian Telcom Fiber installation is a convenient and reliable way to get your home connected to the internet. With fiber-optic technology, you can enjoy faster download speeds than ever before. Plus, Hawaiian Telcom provides technicians who will come right to your door for professional installation so that you don’t have to worry about it yourself.

That means no more worries about complicated wiring or equipment setup; they’ll take care of it all for you!

Spectrum Hawaii

Spectrum Hawaii is an internet service provider that offers reliable, high-speed broadband coverage across the Hawaiian Islands. With speeds up to 100 Mbps and no data caps, Spectrum provides fast and dependable connections for homes, businesses, schools and government organizations. It also includes over 200+ channels of TV programming with a free HD-DVR receiver in every package.

Spectrum customers have access to many features such as WiFi hotspots around the islands, parental control settings and secure online storage.

Hawaiian Telcom Free Internet

Hawaiian Telcom is offering free internet access to Hawaii residents who are economically disadvantaged. The service will provide up to 30 Mbps of download speed and 5 Mbps of upload speed with no monthly data caps or late fees, making it an ideal choice for those in need. To qualify, customers must live in a Hawaiian Telcom residential service area and meet income eligibility requirements based on the number of people living in their household.

With this offer, Hawaiian Telcom is helping to bridge the digital divide and ensure everyone has access to essential online services like education, employment opportunities, healthcare resources and more.

Hawaiian Telcom Fioptics Review

Hawaiian Telcom Fioptics is an advanced fiber-based network service that provides high speed internet, TV, and phone services to customers in the Hawaiian Islands. Customers rave about the great speeds they get with this service and its reliable connection even during peak hours. The TV packages offer more than 500 digital channels with HD quality picture and sound plus access to popular streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu.

Additionally, customers can customize their home Wi-Fi setup with multiple options including mesh routers for larger homes or apartments, whole home Wi-Fi coverage for a strong signal all around your house, or a simple modem/router combo if you don’t need anything fancy. With so many features available at such affordable prices, it’s no wonder why Hawaiian Telcom Fioptics is one of the most popular choices among Hawaii residents!

Hawaiian Telcom Premier Value Bundle

Hawaiian Telcom’s Premier Value Bundle provides customers with the best value for their telecommunications needs. It includes unlimited local and long-distance calling, high-speed Internet service up to 100 Mbps, plus a choice of premium TV services like Hawaiian Telcom TV or DirecTV satellite television. Customers also have access to exclusive features like HD video on demand, parental controls and more.

With this package, you get all the essential telecommunication services at one low monthly price!

Hawaiian Telcom Vs Spectrum

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Is Spectrum the Same As Hawaiian Telcom?

No, Spectrum and Hawaiian Telcom are not the same. Spectrum is a national provider of internet, television, phone and home security services that operates in more than 40 states across the country. On the other hand, Hawaiian Telcom is Hawaii’s leading communications provider offering high-speed Internet access to its customers on Oahu and Maui.

Both companies offer fast speeds for streaming movies or playing games online but they differ in their area coverage – as mentioned before, while Spectrum covers most states across the US including Hawaii instead of specifically focusing on it like Hawaiian Telcom does; another difference between them lies in their available packages which can vary greatly depending on where you live with different offers ranging from basic to advanced services such as telephone line rental or international long distance calls. Additionally, both providers have different customer service policies: while Spectrum has an extensive network of technicians available 24/7 to help out its customers with any issues they may encounter; Hawaiian Telcom offers more localized support through its team located in Honolulu and branches throughout the islands.

How Fast is Hawaiian Telcom Internet?

Hawaiian Telcom Internet is one of the most reliable and high-speed internet providers in Hawaii. With speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second, Hawaiian Telcom provides its customers with some of the fastest connection speeds available. The company also offers a variety of plans that cater to both residential and business users, depending on their specific needs.

For residential customers, Hawaiian Telcom’s High Speed 200 plan offers up to 200Mbps download speed and 10Mbps upload speed for just $44.95/month, while their fastest plan (Gigabit Pro) provides 1 Gbps download/upload speeds for $99.95/month – perfect if you’re an avid gamer or need a lightning fast connection for streaming or downloading large files quickly! Additionally, all Hawaiian Telcom internet plans come with no data caps and 24/7 customer support so you’ll never have to worry about running out of data when you need it most!

How Fast is Spectrum in Hawaii?

Spectrum in Hawaii is known for its amazing speeds and reliability. The company offers internet speeds ranging from 200 Mbps to 940 Mbps, depending on the package you choose. This means that whether you are streaming movies or playing online games, Spectrum will provide a smooth experience without any lag.

Additionally, their upload speeds range from 10-35 Mbps which allows users to quickly upload videos, pictures and other large files with ease. With these impressive speed numbers, it’s no wonder why so many people in Hawaii choose Spectrum as their provider of choice when it comes to high-speed broadband internet services!

Does Hawaii Have Good Internet?

Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches, lush mountain views, and laid-back atmosphere – but does it have good Internet? The answer is yes! Hawaii’s internet infrastructure has been steadily improving over the past few years.

Thanks to government investments, fiber companies such as Ting Fiber are now providing ultrafast gigabit speeds in many parts of the state. With these new networks, residents can enjoy reliable high-speed connections with no data caps on their local ISPs. Furthermore, mobile users can take advantage of LTE and 5G services from nationwide carriers such as AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

In addition to being fast and reliable, Hawaii also offers some of the most affordable internet packages in the nation – making it an ideal destination for those looking for a great deal on home or business broadband service. So whether you’re looking to surf the web while sitting on a beach chair or power up your business network with lightning quick speeds – Hawaii has got you covered!


In conclusion, it is clear that Hawaiian Telcom and Spectrum offer many of the same services to their customers. However, when considering which company to use for your home internet needs, it is important to look at each one’s individual features and costs. Hawaiian Telcom offers a number of advantages such as access to local customer service teams and higher speeds in some areas.

On the other hand, Spectrum provides more consistent coverage across Hawaii with its widespread network infrastructure. Ultimately, choosing between these two companies will depend on your personal preferences and budgeting concerns.

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