Best Nightstand Gun Safes Review – For Bedside Defense

Are you a fan of western films like “Desperado” or “The quick and the dead”? Then, you are perhaps fond of guns! Yes, it’s possible! But, you should be concerned about your gun. You can’t keep it anywhere and hang around. It’s perilous. Besides, every year lots of accidents happen due to it. The more severe matter is that most gun accident victims are young children. This is why you need the best nightstand gun safes for safety.

Accidental gunfire is a serious matter. It’s not a matter of joke. So, you should keep the gun safe. For this reason, a nightstand gun safe comes into action. These gun safes are mainly designed in a highly sophisticated way. As a result, you can keep your gun in a safe place when it is not needed. There’s no hassle in accessing such safes.

Hence, they’re strong, effortless to mount and supply adequate protection to keep your gun secured. Now, we’ll talk about the best nightstand gun safes available in the marketplace. Let’s go –

Best OverallBest ValueOur Pick
V-line BruteFort KnoxVAULTEK VS2OI
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Top Bedside Gun Safes

What are your expectations from nightstand gun safes? As per our experience, it should be easier accessible in the shortest possible time, possess a lock mechanism, be secure, and be durable. Further, the features should include biometric fingerprints, touch keypads, tamper alerts, remote access, etc.

1. V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Safe – Best Overall Gun Safe

V Line Brute Heavy Duty Safe

V-Line Ind. comes with a newly constructed “Brute” bedside gun safe. It is the perfect answer if you’re feeling tense about how to keep your pistol safe and from falling into the wrong hands. Thanks to its superior manufacturing quality, compact design, and faster access system, it is undoubtedly the best nightstand gun safe worldwide.

Besides, it is practically pry-proof due to its clamshell design that consists of a 10-gauge steel lid for faster accessing and a huge crisscrossing.

The whole product is built like a tank. Further, it is nicely made, well-engineered, and has no visible deficiency at all. It is also California DOJ approved.

V-Line Brute XD Heavy Duty Safe with Quick Access Lock, Black, (1394-S FBLK)
  • Includes Heavy Duty Lock Cover
  • 10 Ga All Steel Construction
  • Simplex Pushbutton Lock


Let’ see the features of the V-Line Brute

Capacity and Convenient

The Brute has adequate capacity and can contain two pistols without a hassle. Moreover, it is also high deep and keeps guns with laser sights quite conveniently.

The Lock

This bedside gun safe possesses a stable and straightforward Simplex lock mechanism that effectively keeps the weapon safe. The front plate of the lock is built with stainless steel. Moreover, the black powder coating provides it with an eye-popping touch. It also works almost every time.

The buttons are elevated from the safe’s top. As a result, you can run it even in the dark without facing any problems.

The only fob I found is that the buttons and knobs make a slight clicking sound. But, it’s not a big deal, especially for a technical gadget like a gun safe, isn’t it?

The Safe

The safe of this product is literally astonishing. It depends on the dependable Simplex lock to protect the weapon in the hardest manner. Further, the steel housing design delivered it high-level security. The top side of the safe is heavier and V-line added a lift bar at the inner part. It works so fluently.

Henceforth, the corners of the safe are a bit rounded. It’s pretty much heavier as it weighs 22 pounds. However, older people can carry it without a hassle. The safe contains foam to provide a suitable shield for the gun’s finish.


The inside part is fully padded with foam from top to bottom. It is possible to keep some amount of ammo and personal valuables here. Besides, it is spacious, protective, and egg-crate style foam fixed to it.


The safe always comes in a robust box. It is almost unbreakable as per my experience! Moreover, it also has a handle so you can lift it effortlessly.

Product Specifications

  • Type: Clamshell
  • Lock: Mechanical (Simplex)
  • Product Weight: 21 Pounds
  • Brand: V-Line
  • Warranty – 1 Year Limited Warranty
What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
There’s no battery requirements. As a result, there is no chance of electric failures.It’s not fireproof and that’s a problem for sure.
It is solid, tamper-proof, and durable materials. 
The Simplex mechanical lock is an absolute beast. 
Extraordinary pry protection. 

Final Verdict

I’m in love with it! It is very quickly accessible, sturdy, and possesses heavy-gauge composition. It is also well-built, USA-made and nicely constructed. In addition, this safe supplies superior security measurements at a reasonable price. No wonder, it is the best in the business without a doubt!

2. Fort Knox Original Pistol Box – Best Value Gunsafe

Fort Knox Original Pistol Box Nightstand Gun Safe

Fort Knox is always known for making high-quality piston boxes for a long time. It significantly raised the bar on handgun or pistol safes. Moreover, this Fort Knox Pistol Box has no complications. It is simple and trouble-free. Although it is an effortless product, it is tough enough to remove all types of danger that could pose dangerous criminal misconduct.

This power-coated box comprises a 10-gauge steel body, a 3/16-inch encompassing lip that supplies superior pry resistance capability, and a highly engaging Simplex mechanical lock. Besides, it’s practically impossible to make a nano dip on this product due to its ultra-superior steel construction.

It is CA-DOJ approved.

Fort Knox Original Pistol Box (PB1), Security for pistols, handgun, California DOJ Certified,...
  • Dimensions: 4-1/4"h (5-1/4"h with buttons and knob) x 12-1/2"w x 10-3/8"d
  • 10 gauge steel body
  • Gas-strut-assisted heavyweight door
  • Fast opening pushbutton Simplex mechanical locking device
  • Made in USA with a Limited Lifetime Warranty


Here are the features of the Fort Knox Original Pistol Box –


This nightstand gun is super strong and comprises a 10-gauge steel body. The ten gauge body also possesses encircled steel around it. For this reason, there are basically no weak spots in this body and it is highly resistant to pry attack.

The Lock

The made-in-USA Simplex mechanical locking system provides this bedside gun safe trustworthy access. It is reliable, easily accessible, has a sturdy construction, and is nicely structured. Moreover, it is pushed buttoned type lock and much faster.

There’s no necessity for a battery, biometric fingerprint scanner, or electronic lock system. Everything is literally pinch-perfect.


The interior foam is very stiff. It can keep anything firmly from moving around that is placed on it. Nevertheless, it is also soft, so it won’t harm the gun’s finish. It can easily contain products like Glock 34 with a Surefire X400 attached along with an added magazine. But, it’s not large enough to gobble like a Desert Eagle.


The Fort Knox Safe is pretty heavy. But, you don’t have to worry about carrying it. It has pre-installed holes on the downside. This is how you can mount it if you want. Nevertheless, a significant percentage of customers love to keep this product portable.

Product Specifications

  • Type: Clamshell
  • Lock: Mechanical (Simplex)
  • Product Weight: 21.5 Pounds
  • Brand: Fort Knox
  • Warranty –Limited Lifetime Warranty
What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
Pre-drilled mounting holes help to mount without a hassle.The hinge is much thinner.  
Antique silver, firm coat finish, and dense steel. 
The robust padding foam in the interior part. 
Due to the no-battery or biometric system, it doesn’t entail any maintenance tasks. 

Final Verdict

It is a very well-made product. Besides, it draws much appreciation and fame due to its solidly built security features. This USA-made bedside gun safe is worth the money and is undoubtedly an appropriate pistol box.

3. VAULTEK VS2OI Biometric Handgun Safe – Best Biometric Hand Gun Safe

VAULTEK VS2OI Biometric Handgun Safe

This is Vaultek’s one of the top-notch bedside gun safes. It successfully delivers a superior user experience, a highly sophisticated fingerprint scanner, a pry-resistant hinge, and spacious space to store ammo and clips. Additionally, the fascinating thing about this safe is its robust construction and durability.

These bedside gun safes are formed of a powerful 16-gauge steel body. You can protect your personal valuables and guns with this nightstand gun safe. Hence, another impressive feature of this product is its advanced Bluetooth system that can productively view battery status, interior LED, tamper indicator, etc.


Here are the features of the Vaultek VT20I Biometric Handgun Safe –


You can control the thing with your smartphone. But, it should be within the Bluetooth range of the safe. This is how you can monitor the activity of the safe from your phone. Moreover, the latest features can handle safe and there’s an option where Bluetooth can be toggled on/off using the keys.


This nightstand gun safe can productively repel any kind of hits. It is pry-resistance and possesses a strong vibe. Besides, it is made using progressive and durable sixteen gauge carbon steel. The highly polished finishing can prevent the product from corrosion and guarantees long-time usability.

Additionally, the whole product is slim, and you can effortlessly secure it to a nightstand, desk, or vehicle. You can also mount it with the help of its mounting hardware.

Biometric Scanner

The biometric scanner of this nightstand gun safe is undoubtedly its best feature and that’s why it is known as the best biometric handgun safe. Further, this highly advanced feature makes secure access much faster and futuristic.

It has the capacity to collect 20 unique fingerprint IDs.


This model’s security measurement is astonishing and beyond most of its competitors. On top of that, the safe’s rim contains an anti-pry bar protection system. The hinges can also prevent the attack that can happen from the back.

Moreover, the patented two-point anti-impact latches and stiff design make it hell for burglars.

Product Specifications

  • Type: Gun safe
  • Lock: Biometric
  • Product Weight: 7.2 Pounds
  • Brand: Vaultek
  • Warranty: 2-year Limited Warranty
What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
The biometric scanner got hypersonic speed! Yes, it’s that fast!The fingerprint reader doesn’t work invariably.  
Anti-pry and anti-impact resistant capability. 
Exquisite anti-theft protection system. 
The design is compact and contains spacious storage that can keep a handgun, magazine, passport, etc.  

Final Verdict

Vaultek safes can protect your weapon. It is a well-engineered product and raised the bar of security measurements with its newly integrated Bluetooth app and great biometric scanner. Contrariwise, it only requires 2.5 hours of recharging and its responsive LED light can view safe products at nighttime. It is undoubtedly a massive contributor to gun safety.

4. Vaultek Slider Series Rugged Smart Handgun Safe – Best Slider Hand Gun Safe

Vaultek Slider Series Rugged Smart Handgun Safe

There are so many slider-type handgun safes available on the market. However, we can assure you that this one is assuredly the best you can find. It is a magnificent hidden gun that can be positioned under a shelf, desk, or anywhere. Additionally, it takes a small space and is very secretive, like a Mossad agent!

It possesses a biometric fingerprint scanner and can contain almost 20 different IDs. But, you can only put it five times at a time. Not more than that. It is one of the best compact handgun safes currently available.

VAULTEK Slider Series Carbon Steel Rugged Smart Handgun Safe Quick Auto-Open Sliding Door Pistol...


Let’s check out the features of Vaultek Slider Smart handgun features –


We’ve already been told that this bedside gun safe can hold 20 different fingerprint IDs. But, you can’t depend on it continuously. Does it sound problem? No worry. There’s a backup called backlit keypad! Bluetooth is also an option. But, it’s not an ideal thing, especially in urgent moments.

Due to the backup option, it is easily considered the best slider gun safe currently.


These stiffed vertical handguns safely possess a vertical design and broad space. It can hold pistols like Glock 19, and Glock 17 along with an additional magazine. Hence, the ball-bearing guides and three-accurate rail systems placed casing firearms in the perfect position.

There’s also an interior light that will illuminate during the safe slide gets open. This light can assist you in accessing the safe without a hassle.


The sixteen-gauge carbon steel gun is super sturdy and almost impossible to break. Due to the carbon steel setting up and long-lasting finish can safeguard the firearm for an extended period. Moreover, the finish also assists in preventing rust and erosion.

Further, an anti-impact latch mechanism is also available on the safe’s door. For this reason, the safe gets ultra-security under anti-pry construction.


The rechargeable li-ion battery supplies power for almost four months. It takes around 3 hours to charge fully. Moreover, the whole package comes with a charging kit, mounting kit, etc.

Product Specifications

  • Type: Gun safe
  • Lock: Electronic Lock
  • Product Weight: 7.48 Pounds
  • Brand: Vaultek
  • Warranty –2-year Limited Warranty
What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
There are too many mounting options availableIt is somewhat tiny type safe and that’s a problem. It doesn’t fit all the guns.
Interior light helps to check the safe at a dark time 
Highly durable and solid construction 
Due to the dense foam holster, it achieves superior protection. 

Final Verdict

This rugged handgun safe has powerful features and modern techs. The entry style, capacity, spare magazine pocket, security – everything is up to the mark. Besides, the various mounting system is assuredly a huge plus. Another thing is it can operate smoothly even in hidden mode! Worth a shot, unambiguously!

5. Stealth ShadowVault SV1 –  Best Electronic Handgun Safe

Stealth ShadowVault SV1

In this modern world, many people like to stick the mechanical safe. Yes, it’s good. But, some electronic handgun safe is just better! And, Stealth ShadowVault SV1 is one of them. It is undeniably a solid and superb bedside gun safe. Hence, this safe has perfect strength, quality, and safety features.

31 Reviews
Stealth Handgun Safe ShadowVault SV1 Heavy Duty Pistol Safe CA DOJ Approved Black
  • HIGH SECURITY: Strongest Pistol Safe Ever Made with 3/16" Steel Door & 10 Gauge Steel Body - 300% Thicker than Industry Average / CA DOJ Approved Firearm Safety Device
  • QUICK ACCESS: UL Approved High Security S&G Spartan Electronic Deadbolt Lock, EMP Rated with Silent Mode and Red Light on Keypad
  • EVEN MORE SECURITY: Two Hardplates above the lock and in front of the Deadbolt, Punch Resistant Steel Housing Protecting the Lock and Deadbolt, Large Steel Lugs Hook Under Double Steel Deadbars, Four Concrete Anchor Bolts and Four Boltdown Holes Included
  • CUSTOMIZABLE INTERIOR: Two Layers of Foam, One Pluck Foam Layer for Perfect Fit and One Egg Crate Foam Layer . Convenient Carry Handle
  • External Dimensions: 4-1/4" H x 12-9/16" W x 10-1/4" D / Weight: 25 lbs / Limited Lifetime Warranty


Now, we’ll talk about the features of this gun safe –


This safe’s design is similar to the Fort Knox Pistol Box. Hence, the powder-coated safe features a 10-gauge robust steel body and an encompassing lip. Moreover, it also comprehends a security cable fastening slot, handler, anchoring hardware, etc.


There’s a gas stride situated in the interior part of this nightstand gun safe. It also has a couple of protective foam inside of it. This is how it gets enhanced protection.


Sargent and Greenleaf are two of the most famous lock companies worldwide. It runs on a nine-V battery. A red LED light is attached to the lock so you can see the safe correctly at night. Further, the lock is leashed in steel housing. It has been safeguarded by drill resistant hard plate.

Therefore, it can successfully repel drill and punch attacks.


It is a robust pistol with two Hard Plates situated on the upper side of the deadbolt. The punch impenetrable Steel Housing is safeguarding the lock and deadbolt.

Product Specifications

  • Type: Clamshell
  • Lock: Electronic (Sargent & Greenleaf Spartan)
  • Product Weight: 25 Pounds
  • Brand: Stealth Safes
  • Warranty – ‎Limited Lifetime Warranty against Break-In and Attempted Break-In. On the other side, the company will provide 2 Year Part & Labor Warranty.
What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
The safe locks up genuinely. It has a 6-digit combination to resist unlocking by sorting random numbers.Just electronic type locking structure.
The setup is pretty straightforward and secure enough. 
Strong, heavy, and almost impossible to break. 
Spacious enough. Two pistols fit thoroughly. 

Final Verdict

It is super sturdy and can’t be breached without a hassle for sure. The safe locks up in a positive way. Further, the whole item is efficient and made exceptionally well. Highly recommendable.

6. Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe – Best Hidden Handgun Safe

Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe

Do you have a soft corner for stealth-type gun safes rather than stronger ones? Then, you can pick this Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe. It is the best-hidden gun safe. Besides, its avatar and working method resemble a bedside clock. It can keep the weapon in top-secret mode. That’s why it won’t reach children or any wrong hands.

You can leave this compact gun safe in a drawer, desk, or on a table’s top. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about it. You can access this safe through several ways like a card, bracelet, override key, etc.

Hornady RAPiD Gun Safes with Instant RFiD Access to Guns and Valuables - Includes Rapid Safe for...


Let’s check out the features of the Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe –

Lock Mechanism

The “diversion” feature of this safe is the most notable point of this gun safe. It uses a highly advanced access mechanism called “RFID” (Radio Frequency Identification). Additionally, this tech helps to get instant access to the gun safe. You can wear the RFID fob on your wrist.

This magnificent RFIC lock mechanism is much faster, more reliable, and more effective than biometric and electronic keypad entry. Moreover, it is free of cost.


When you enter the main room of the safe, you’ll see the compact padded interior design to hold the gun. However, it’s not that big. It’s pretty small. You can only keep a small handgun in it. It features a 14-gauge steel body along with two electronic locks. Further, there’s also a key bypass attached to it.


This nightstand gun safe possesses multiple essential products like a 1500-pound security cable, digital clock display, USB 2.0 version ports, etc. It runs through the AC and battery power. On top of that, you can run this device with AA batteries in case you want to stick with the battery option. It has an advantage. AA batteries provide power backup during a power outage.

Hornady Gun Safe has another fantastic feature. It contains a USB port on the backside of it. As a result, you can charge your smartphone or tab with it.


It has a manual key that is needed to open the safe. Further, it also cabled to a location. For this reason, you can straggle the bolt in a particular place. This is how you can secure it genuinely. For instance, you can lag it in your bed or drawer. As a result, thieves can’t steal it easily. They’ve to take the whole frame in order to take it.

Product Specifications

  • Type: Drawer
  • Lock: Electronic, Key
  • Product Weight: 18 Pounds
  • Brand: Hornady
  • Warranty – ‎Limited Lifetime Warranty
What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
It provides highest-level safety standards for child and pry resistance.Minimal inner space. It can contain only a single gun.  
You can enter the safe through RFID. There’s also a secondary entry method by using a 4-to-6 digit security code. 
The construction is heavy and tamper-proof.   
Working style is like an alarm clock.   

Final Verdict

This is exceptionally well safe and the security measurement is superb. Moreover, it is also fun to use due to its working method. Can’t recommend it enough.

7. Awesafe Handgun Safe – Best Nightstand Gun Safe

Awesafe Handgun Safe

This is a powerful and heavy-duty handgun safe. It is like a complete package. It can fill most criteria like safety, sturdiness, physical size, price, etc. Like the Hornady Gun Safe, it has three ways to open.

Due to its compact size, it is branded as a superb nightstand gun safe worldwide. This model is mainly the safe keeper of a single handgun. Moreover, it is CA DOJ approved.


Now, we’ll talk about the features of the Awesafe Handgun Safe –


This handgun safe is built with robust steel. For this reason, it is literally unbreakable and constructed well. Further, it also has a pry-resistant door for additional security. It is


The truth is you can store one standard handgun in this safe along with ammo. There is an extra magazine within it. On the other hand, there’s also a larger size available on the market. So, if you want to store two handguns, you should purchase the larger one.

Lock Mechanism

Just like the previous one, it also has three ways to open the safe. They are – fingerprint, password, and key. You can record almost 30 fingerprints in this safe.

However, my preference is a digital keypad due to its effortless method. The locking mechanism is utterly dependable. So, you can stay tension-free.


Due to the pry-resistant door and strong steel establishment, it can provide utter security. The unauthorized people can’t also access it for a solid foundation. Moreover, the interior part is made of a sponge mechanism. That’s why the gun will remain intact inside the safe and there won’t be any chance of getting scratched.

Product Specifications

  • Type: Drop-down
  • Lock: Biometric Lock, Keypad lock and Key
  • Product Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Brand: Awesafe
  • Warranty – ‎ One-year original factory warranty
What We LikeWhat We Don’t Like
It is built with high-quality hardware to give the best security.The fingerprint reader usually takes more time.  
There’s an interior light that can provide visibility in the dark. So, you don’t need any supplemental light.   
Compact, lightweight, and portable design.    
The setup is quite simple.    

Final Verdict

Overall, it’s a well-built and sturdy product. The eye-popping black matte finish makes it attractive too. Hence, the interior part is also superb and there’s no chance the gun will get scratched. It is a high-quality product with a solid structure and reasonable price. Worthy of purchasing!

Things We Should Consider Before Buying a Nightstand Gun Safe

A nightstand gun should possess some essential features such as durability, easy accessibility, security, etc. Now, we’ll discuss some critical benchmarks you should consider before purchasing a bedside gun safe. I can assure you that my criteria will assist you significantly in choosing the right one –

Construction Quality

If you want to enhance the protection power of the nightstand gun safe, you must go for a safe comprising dense building materials (16- to 10-gauge steel), superior welding, secure hinges, and a pry-resistant lid. On top of that, it will be good if you can ensure that the gun safe has anchor points which will allow it to bolt the safe to wall studs.

But, there’s another problem. Sometimes, it becomes almost impossible to moor the safe. So, what’s then? Well, in such a situation, you should purchase the product and ensure that it comes with an anchor cable.

Fast Access

The fast access trait is very crucial for any gun safe. Yes, security must be ensured. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t retrieve it quickly. Hence, the superior gun safes possess biometrics or a convenient touchpad for faster access.

Trouble-free Mounting System

Do you really like to buy a bedside gun that is hard to mount? Of course, not! So, you should go for an effortless safe to mount and fasten a safety cable too. Just check closely that all the required hardware is in place with the whole package. That’s enough.

Security Features

Personal safes are not up to the mark for foolproof. It can’t safeguard vital times. For instance, an expensive crowbar or a superior large hammer can easily break the residential safes in a short time. So, it’s assumed that they’re not trustworthy. Therefore, you’ve to spend more bucks to ensure security.

In such a case, you must increase the safe parameter to maintain ultimate safety. Firstly, get a heavy-duty steel safe like a 12, 16, or 18 gauge steel safe. Next, you should check out the anti-pry bar that can raise the safety meter considerably.

Furthermore, internal hinges are another essential thing because they can safely safeguard the rear’s safe.


When I began researching the best nightstand gun safes, I realized that the most significant concern lies in this territory: the slider-style safes. Many handguns don’t fit well in this safe. Therefore, checking thoroughly before purchasing a slider-style safe will be an intelligent act.

On the other side, other gun safes are mainly one or two handgun safes. Two gun safes are perfect for holding two standard-sized guns. You can use these safes for a single gun and to keep some ammo. Moreover, some safes are designed to keep personal belongings like cash, watches, memo, keys, etc.


The gun safe should possess mounting capability. Further, it should come with the whole package. A mount indicates that the burglar must do something extraordinary to steal the safe. This is how you’ll get time to catch the burglar.

Tamper Alerts

A very few bedside gun safes come with this feature. It is helpful. When the tamper alert triggers, you’ll get a notice on your smartphone if you’re not at home. Hence, there will be a beep-type sound going to produce. As soon as the correct PIN code enters the unit, the tamper log resets automatically.

This is extremely helpful if you’re away from home and there’s a chance of any security breach.

Internal Light

Not all nightstand gun safes have an internal light system. It is helpful when you want to check out the safe in the deep dark. So, ensure that the safe has an interior light.

Modern Features

If you connect the safe to an app, it will give you immense benefits. The most significant advantage you’ll receive is when the app will notify you about any security breach or if the battery is running low. Henceforth, the safe will open automatically at the time when it identifies your presence through Bluetooth.

But, I personally don’t prefer too much tech! The reason is technology can cause unnecessary dramas. This is a very disgusting matter. However, I’m not discouraging you from skipping it. You can go for it if you want.

Remote Access

Remote access is one of the latest features featured in the best nightstand gun safes. You can open the safe via this process from any place. Nevertheless, there’s a debate surrounding this feature. Some people lauded this feature, while some people aren’t happy with it.

Ammo Storage

I won’t tell you that it’s a much more necessary thing. But, it’s certainly a good bonus for a nightstand gun safe. You can keep some other things like ammo, clips, cash, jewelry, etc., within it. Therefore, if you get ammo storing space, it will be beneficial to you.

Different Locking Mechanisms

A safe can be locked in three possible ways. They are – mechanically, digitally, or biometrically. Further, a safe can even contain more than one type of locking mechanism. Users can choose whatever they want. Let’s check out the different locking mechanisms –

Biometric/Fingerprint Locks

The first one is the biometric/fingerprint lock mechanism. This is a faster way to gain access to the gun. All you need to do is give your fingerprint to get the authorization to open the lock. When the device finds out the exact print, it will open. Afterward, you can take the weapon.

Henceforth, you’ve to select whether you would like to access a faster safe to scan one fingerprint or several digits. It’s up to you. Whatever you choose, the safe will act according to it. But, one thing you should remember – never gives the code to anybody.


  • You can reach your weapon in the shortest possible time via this biometric system.
  • It’s a convenient method.
  • No need to memorize or remember any PIN code.
  • Nobody can copy it.


  • Reliance on battery
  • Sometimes the fingerprint doesn’t work and it’s pretty disgusting.

Digital Locks

Digital lock is mainly the combination of mechanical and biometric locking mechanisms. It has a digital keypad. Hence, with the digital keypad, you can customize the nightstand gun safe (code reset, various codes). On the other hand, an RFID badge can be used to enter the safe. 

The RFID chip is the main instigator behind the handgun. Therefore, you shouldn’t keep it at a long distance. Try to keep it as near to you as possible.

Mechanical Locks

This is a kinda old school method. But, old is gold, right?! Yes, it is! Still, a major percentage of bedside gun safes use mechanical lock mechanisms with master keys. Besides, mechanical locks don’t require any electrical power. So, there won’t be any chance of malfunction.

Types of Bedside Gun Safes

The bedside gun safes have three different types. They are – clamshell, drawer, or dropdown. Let’s check these types of nightstand gun safes –


The clamshell type of bedside gun safes is widespread, simple, and hassle-free. You’ll feel the vibe of opening a new calendar with the extra concern of unlocking the cover first. On top of that, the clamshell safes are a bit like old school. The reason is they’re primarily dependent on mechanical locks. However, some clamshell safes also contain a digital locking process too.

These safes provide adequate storage space so you can keep the handgun along with ammo and some of your personal belongings without a hassle. Further, they are also robustly constructed as well as a highly secured product. One of the most beneficial traits of these gun safes is they’re portable. You can easily change their position of them whenever you wish.  

The only deficiency of them is they’re not that attractive.


Drawer-type bedside gun safes are facile and straightforward. You’ll have fun when you use it! But, how? Hmm. You can mount these safes underneath the bedside tabletop or conveniently keep them in the table’s drawer. Besides, these types of safes’ shapes are horizontal and can be smoothly rolled out. This is how you can gain access to your weapon very quickly.

Moreover, they’ve similarities with the clamshell safes. Like the clamshell ones, these gun safes also have a mechanical lock mechanism. They also have the system of digital lock method.


These gun safes are vertically oriented. Apart from it, they contain a lock at the topside and a hinge point at the bottom place. When you unlock the safe, the weapon will come into your hand. Additionally, they’re relying on an electronic lock mechanism.

Although they’re convenient, there’s a severe issue regarding security matters. These gun safes don’t have a mechanical lock procedure. Therefore, there’s a massive chance of electronic failure. It could even lead to a death scene in specific incidents. Moreover, the mounting locations are also bounded for these safes.

What are the Advantages of Using a Nightstand Gun Safe?

There are multiple advantages of owning and using a bedside gun safe. It severely enhances the safety and satisfaction levels of users. Now, we’ll discuss some of the most crucial benefits of using a bedside gun safe. Here we go –


This is the most significant matter of a gun safe. Keep it in your mind carefully – storing the firearm in insecure places like in a drawer, underneath the bed or a table, bathroom, etc., is utter foolishness. These places can’t keep the gun safe. It’s not safe for you as well as your family members, neighbors, or pets.

When you place the handgun in secured places like a gun safe, it will prevent the gun from falling into the wrong hands. Sometimes, curious children can take the gun and accidentally shoot themselves or somebody else. It could lead to a severe scenario. On the other hand, keeping a gun in the safe will protect it from thieves and burglars.

As a result, you and your family members will be safe. Further, your gun will be safe from natural disasters. Investing in a high-quality safe will ensure that fire or natural calamities can’t do anything to your gun. Thus, the gun safe will safeguard from any dangerous incident.

Storing Other Items

You can store various personal items in the gun safe. Further, these safes are perfect for storing valuable products and keeping them intact. The products you can store in these safes are – jewelry, cash, investment papers, ID card, Passport, life insurance policies, official docs, etc.

Budget for Bedside Gun Safe

Before purchasing a bedside gun safe, you’ve to consider the price too.

Low-Range Budget

Don’t have an adequate budget? Then, wait for a few days more and save some cash to purchase a good bedside gun safe! I recommend you not to buy a safe under the $200 budget. It will ultimately backfire. Further, I am the victim of it! The lesser the price, the quality will decrease!

The low-quality gun safe won’t be helpful to you. It will only cost you more in different ways! Moreover, these safes will fail to provide enough security. Thus, you should avoid such safes for your own good.

Mid-Range Budget

You can purchase a mid-level budgeted gun safe if you don’t have much money. They’re definitely good and can deliver good service. Hence, the security, durability, and stability will meet the demand. But, what’s the range of mid-level budgeted safe? Its fields are from $250 to $400.

They possess a mechanical lock system. Most of the mid-range safes don’t have an electronics locking procedure. But, will it matter? At least, I don’t think so! Because I am currently using a mid-range safe for my gun!

Premium Quality

In order to purchase the most sophisticated and high-quality gun safe, you’ve to spend more than $400. These safes will be made of thicker steel construction. The security measurements will be out worldly. For instance, they can provide mechanical or electronic locking systems.

FAQs | Best Nightstand Gun Safes

FAQs Best Nightstand Gun Safes

Is there any legal permission needed for a handgun safe?

Handgun safes are weapon-related products, right? So, yes, legal permission is required to use it! There are different requirements in various states. We can’t write about it in detail. So, you should do your research. It will be best if you check out your own state’s requirements. Another thing you can do and the thing is to check the product page to find out any perfect answer.

Will it be good if I purchase a used gun safe?

It will be no problem if you find it suitable. But, do thorough research before making the final jump. Check all the docs, history, and everything. After all, it’s a sensitive product.

Is it possible to travel with the gun safe?

Gun regulations vary. Each country has its own rules. Hence, you should better check the state laws and regulations carefully. The airlines, transport, etc., things should be taken into account. Don’t make a mistake and don’t take this matter lightly. Otherwise, things could be ugly for you.

Final Summary Regarding Gun Safe

The gun safe is a safety box that keeps the gun from falling into illusive hands. It only allows the authorized people to get access to the weapon. Further, these products are available in different shapes, designs, and other crucial features. Before purchasing a safe gun, you must be careful and consider many things.

As a responsible and educated citizen, you must keep your firearm safe from unauthorized access. That’s all from me! Thanks for reading! Bye!

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Last update on 2024-05-25

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