How to Reset Spectrum Remote Ur5U-8780L

1. Turn on the device you want to control with your Spectrum remote. 2. Press and hold the Setup button (small gray/silver button) for three seconds until the LED light turns on. 3. Enter 9-9-1 using the keypad in order to reset your remote back to factory settings, then press TV Power once more or wait for five seconds for the LED light to blink twice again before releasing the Setup button.

4. Point your remote at any electronics that use infrared technology such as a television, receiver, or cable box and press and hold down both Mute and Select buttons simultaneously until device is turned off (this may take up to 10 seconds). Your remote will automatically detect which device it needs to sync with; when it does, both lights behind MUTE & SELECT will stay lit up solid instead of blinking intermittently after being released from pressing them down together previously..

  • Step 1: Locate the “Reset” button on your remote
  • This is typically located near the battery cover at the back of your remote
  • Step 2: Use a paper clip to press and hold down the Reset button for 15 seconds
  • You may need to use some force as it can be difficult to access this button depending on your model of remote
  • Step 3: After 15 seconds have passed, release the Reset button and then reinsert fresh batteries into your remote if needed
  • Your Spectrum Remote should now be reset and ready for use again!

Using Your Remote – CLIKR-5: UR5U-8780L / 8790L

Spectrum Remote Codes

Spectrum remotes can be programmed with remote codes to control devices like TVs, Blu-ray and DVD players, streaming media players, soundbars, and more. By entering the correct code into your remote control, you can operate multiple audio and video components simultaneously without having to switch between devices. With access to hundreds of codes for various brands and models of electronics, finding the right one for your setup is easy.

Clikr-5 Remote Codes

The Clikr-5 remote is a great tool for controlling your TV, DVD player and other devices. It can be programmed to work with most major brands of electronics and comes preloaded with codes for over 1,000 models. Additionally, you can search online for more codes specific to your device or contact the manufacturer directly if you are having trouble finding them.

Through the use of simple programming steps, it’s easy to configure the Clikr-5 remote so that you can control all of your electronic equipment from one convenient device.

Spectrum Remote Ur5U-8780L-Bhc Instructions

Learning how to use your Spectrum Remote Ur5U-8780L-Bhc is easy! To get started, just follow the instructions in the user guide that came with your remote. Once you have familiarized yourself with the basics of using the remote, you can begin programming it to work with your TV and cable box.

This process involves entering codes found in a list provided by Spectrum into the remote until one works with each device. Following these steps will ensure that all of your devices are properly synced up and ready for viewing.

Spectrum Ur5U-8780L-Bhc Remote Codes

The Spectrum UR5U-8780L-BHC remote is a universal remote that can be programmed to control multiple devices, including your TV and other audio/visual components. It comes with an easy-to-use programming guide that helps you quickly set up the codes for each device. Once you’ve entered the correct code, all of your devices will be able to communicate with one another and allow you to switch between them without having to manually enter a new code each time.

With its simple setup process, this remote makes it easy for anyone to access their entertainment system without any hassle!

Cable Charter Spectrum TV Remote Control Time Warner Clikr-5 Ur5U-8780L New

The new Cable Charter Spectrum TV remote control, the Ur5U-8780L Clikr-5, is a great addition to Time Warner customers. It has an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand and provides easy access to common cable functions like changing channels or controlling volume. The device also works with other devices such as DVD players and gaming consoles, allowing you to control all of your entertainment components from one remote.

With this user-friendly device, you can take full advantage of all the features offered by your Cable Charter Spectrum subscription.

Universal Clikr-5: Ur5U-8780L / 8790L

The Universal Clikr-5 is a popular remote control manufactured by the company Universal Electronics. This remote is designed to be compatible with most devices, allowing users to easily operate their television, DVD players, and other electronics with one single controller. The UR5U-8780L / 8790L models are two of the more recent versions of this product; they feature an improved design that includes backlighting for easier navigation in low light conditions.

Additionally, these remotes come preprogrammed with codes for almost all types of home theater equipment so setup is quick and easy.

Spectrum Universal Remote

Spectrum Universal Remote is a great way to control all of your home entertainment devices from one remote. It’s easy to set up and use, allowing you to switch between different inputs on your TV or AV receiver in seconds. With its intuitive design and customizable buttons, you can easily program it for any device type – from DVD players to streaming sticks.

It also has backlit keys so you can easily find the right button even in low light conditions.

How to Reset Spectrum Remote Ur5U-8780L


How Do I Program My Ur5U Spectrum Remote?

Programming your UR5U spectrum remote is a relatively simple process, as long as you have the right instructions. First, you need to locate the programming codes for your specific device from either the user manual or from the manufacturer’s website. Then, press and hold down both the “TV” button and “OK/Select” button simultaneously until all four mode buttons light up on top of the remote.

After that, release both buttons and enter in your three-digit code by pressing each number separately. Once completed, press “Power” – if it blinks twice quickly then it was successful! If not, try entering another code until it works.

Finally, test all of your TV functions to make sure everything is working properly before using them regularly with your device.

How Do I Fix My Unresponsive Spectrum Remote?

If you’re having trouble with your Spectrum remote not responding properly, there are a few steps you can take to help fix the problem. First, make sure that the batteries in your remote are fresh and installed correctly. If they need replacing, you should do so as soon as possible.

Secondly, try resetting the remote by holding down both the ‘TV’ and ‘OK/SEL’ buttons for three seconds until the LED light on top of the remote flashes twice. This will reset all settings back to factory defaults. Another potential issue could be interference from other electronics or power sources near your TV; if this is an issue, move any nearby devices further away or turn off their power while troubleshooting.

Lastly, if none of these solutions work it may be time to contact Spectrum support for assistance; they’ll be able to provide more detailed instructions on how to fix your unresponsive remote quickly and easily!

How Do I Sync My Spectrum Remote to My TV?

Syncing your Spectrum remote to your TV is a relatively easy task that can be done in just a few steps. First, you’ll need to locate the “Cable” button on the side of your remote and press it once. This will put the remote into Cable Box mode.

Next, press and hold both the “Setup” button and the corresponding device button for about three seconds until the LED light on top of your remote flashes twice. Then use the “Channel +” or “Channel -” buttons to cycle through all available codes until you see lights blink at both ends of your screen (this indicates that you have found a working code). After this step has been completed successfully, test out some basic commands such as volume control and channel selection to verify that everything works correctly before concluding with setup!


To conclude, resetting your Spectrum Remote Ur5U-8780L is a simple procedure that can be done in just a few steps. It is important to remember the two main ways of resetting this remote: using the buttons on the device itself or using codes provided by Spectrum. Whichever method you choose, make sure that you follow all instructions carefully to ensure successful completion.

With this knowledge, you will have no problem getting your remote back up and running!

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