How to Connect TV to Receiver Without HDMI? (2023)

How To Connect TV To Receiver Without HDMI?

Whenever you want to connect your TV to a receiver, generally, you have to use an HDMI cable for it. But if your TV or your receiver or both do not have any HDMI jack, you have to look for alternative ways to connect your TV with the receiver. There are some other options than HDMI. So what are the ways that you connect a TV to a receiver without HDMI? The answer is, You …

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What to Look for Before Buying a Speaker for Kayak?

Speaker for Kayak

While kayaking in a calm river, the serenity can be beautifully complemented by the symphony of your choice. This seems to be a nice situation until water splashes attack your speaker and damage it. Also, you might not wanna carry that bulky speaker with you on the kayak. The best solution is to buy a waterproof portable speaker that gives excellent sound clarity and powerful bass to make your kayaking experience much better. We will …

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