How to Turn on Subtitles on Spectrum TV App

To turn on subtitles on the Spectrum TV app, open the application and find a movie or show you want to watch. Then click on the Options icon at the bottom of your screen. Under Audio & Subtitles, select On for Closed Captions/Subtitles.

This will enable subtitles if they are available for that program. If you do not see this option, then closed captions aren’t available for that specific program. You can also use speech-to-text technology if your device supports it by selecting Voice Over from accessibility options in settings when playing back content in fullscreen mode.

  • Launch the Spectrum TV App on your device: First, open the Spectrum TV app installed on your device
  • Select a show to watch: Once you have opened the app, select any show or movie that you would like to watch and click ‘Play’
  • Locate the Subtitles option: While playing the selected content, look for an icon at the bottom of your screen with 3 dots which represents ‘Options’
  • Tap this icon and scroll down until you find ‘Subtitles’ listed in it’s options menu
  • Enable Subtitles: Next tap on ‘Subtitle’ to turn it ON and then select from one of several available languages if necessary
  • Once enabled, subtitles will appear during playback of all videos within that particular episode/movie or series!

How to Turn off Subtitles on Spectrum TV App

If you’re watching a show on the Spectrum TV app and don’t want subtitles, it’s easy to turn them off. To do this, open up the Spectrum TV app and select your show or movie that you want to watch. Once the video is playing, tap on the “CC” button at the bottom of your screen.

This will bring up a menu where you can choose whether or not to enable closed captions for your video. Selecting “Off” will make sure that no subtitles are shown while viewing your content.

How to Turn on Subtitles on Spectrum TV App Roku

If you’re using the Spectrum TV app on Roku, turning on subtitles is easy. To turn them on, open the Settings menu in your Roku device and select ‘Subtitles’. Then, toggle the switch to “On” and choose from a list of available languages.

Once you’ve selected your desired language, restart your Roku device and open up the Spectrum TV app to enjoy subtitle-enabled content!

Spectrum App Samsung TV Closed Caption

The Spectrum app on Samsung TVs allows you to watch live TV and On Demand content with closed captions. Closed captioning is a feature that provides text versions of the audio within video programming, allowing viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing to follow along with what’s happening in shows. This feature can be enabled and disabled via the settings menu on your Samsung TV when using the Spectrum app.

How to Turn off Closed Caption on Spectrum TV App on Ipad

If you have Closed Captioning enabled on the Spectrum TV App for iPad, it is easy to turn it off. Simply go to the Settings section of the app, select Audio & Video, and then toggle “Closed Caption” to Off. This will ensure that any closed captioning available for shows or movies you watch in the future will be disabled.

How to Turn off Captions on Spectrum TV Roku

If you are using a Spectrum TV Roku, you can easily turn off captioning by simply going to the Home menu and selecting “Settings” followed by “Accessibility”. From there, scroll down and toggle the Captions button to ‘off’. This will disable any captions that may have been enabled on previously watched shows or movies.

Spectrum TV Closed Caption

Spectrum TV offers closed captioning for all of their customers with compatible TV sets. Customers can easily turn on the closed caption feature by using the remote provided by Spectrum, or through their TV menu if they have a newer model set. Closed captions provide an invaluable service to those who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as anyone else that may need assistance understanding what is being said in any recorded programming.

How to Turn off Closed Caption on Spectrum TV App on Iphone

If you are using the Spectrum TV app on your iPhone and want to turn off Closed Captioning, there is an easy way to do it. All you have to do is open the app, navigate to Settings in the General menu, and toggle off the “Closed Captions” option. This will ensure that all of your content plays without closed captioning enabled.

Spectrum Closed Captioning Not Working

If you are experiencing issues with your Spectrum Closed Captioning not working, there may be a few different causes. It could be an issue with the programming or signal being received by your TV, or it could be due to a restriction set on the closed captioning feature of your device. If you have tried troubleshooting and still cannot get the Closed Captioning to work properly, contact customer service for assistance in resolving the issue.

How to Turn on Subtitles on Spectrum TV App


How Do I Turn on Subtitles on Spectrum App?

Turning on subtitles in the Spectrum TV app is relatively easy. First, you’ll want to open up the Spectrum TV app and select a show or movie that has available subtitles. Once you’ve selected your program, press the “Menu” button located at the bottom of your screen and then choose “Settings.”

From there, scroll down until you see an option for turning on subtitle display. If this option is grayed out, it means that no subtitles are available for that particular program; however if it is highlighted in blue, simply select it to turn on subtitles and they will automatically appear while watching the program. You can also adjust font size and opacity from within this menu as well if needed.

How Do I Get Subtitles on My Spectrum TV?

If you’re looking for a way to get subtitles on your Spectrum TV, you’ve come to the right place. With just a few simple steps, you can easily access captions and subtitles for all of your favorite shows and movies. First, open the Settings menu from the main screen of your Spectrum TV app or box.

From there, select Accessibility and then Caption Language Preferences. Here you can choose what language subtitles should be displayed in as well as how they appear (e.g., font size). Once this is done you will find that when watching content with available closed captioning/subtitles they will automatically show up on-screen just like any other feature such as surround sound or HD picture quality!

Thanks to these easy steps, getting subtitles on your Spectrum TV has never been easier!

How to Turn off Subtitles on Spectrum App on Samsung Smart TV?

If you are having trouble turning off subtitles on the Spectrum app on your Samsung Smart TV, there are a few easy steps to follow. First, open up the Spectrum app and select Settings from the bottom of the page. From here, you’ll have access to different settings for your television experience.

Scroll down until you see ‘Subtitles’ or ‘Closed Captioning’ (depending on which version of the app you have) and click it so that it is highlighted in green. You should now see an option next to this setting which says ‘Off’. Select this option and press OK or Save – depending on your model – so that these changes can be applied.

Your screen should now display without any subtitles or closed captioning activated!

How Do I Turn off Subtitles on Roku Spectrum App?

If you’re using the Roku Spectrum App and want to turn off automatic subtitles, then it’s easy! Just open up the app on your device and you’ll see a list of options. Click on “Settings” located at the top right corner of the screen.

Once in settings, scroll down until you find a toggle switch for Subtitles. Switch this option from “on” to “off” and subtitles will be disabled. You can also customize subtitle preferences such as font size, text color, background color etc., by clicking on the “Advanced Settings” tab under Subtitles menu.

After making all your desired changes, click save button at bottom right corner of the window to confirm them before exiting out of Settings section. That’s it – now when streaming content with subtitles enabled through Roku Spectrum App they won’t appear automatically!

ROKU TV Device: How Turn ON or OFF Closed Captioning Subtitles (Words on Screen Remote CC)


In conclusion, turning on subtitles on the Spectrum TV App is an easy process that should take no more than a few moments of your time. All you need to do is open up the Settings menu and search for Subtitles or Captions, then make sure they are turned on. With the help of this guide, you can now easily enable subtitles whenever you watch content through the Spectrum TV App!

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